Friday, November 13, 2009

Follow Friday - The Ancestry Insider

You know, it is hard to pick just one genealogy blog each week for Follow Friday. That's because there are so many good ones.

My choice this week is The Ancestry Insider, written by an anonymous suspender-clad gentleman with an excellent avatar (it even kind of looks like him!).

The Ancestry Insider provides a unique perspective among genealogy blogs - an insider's look at and He is currently employed by FamilySearch and was previously employed by In addition, he has a computer background and is an LDS church member. That is quite a combination of knowledge and talent, and Mr. AI puts it to good use.

To top it off, Mr AI is a distant cousin of mine - his surname leads back to one of my Massachusetts Bay Colony immigrants. My guess is, that if he made his ancestry known, that we would find several other cousin relationships.

If you are not reading The Ancestry Insider blog, I recommend that you add it to your RSS feed, blog reader, or Favorites/Bookmarks and visit the site often.

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The Ancestry Insider said...


Thanks for the recommendation. Your considerable talent makes it a special honor. I know with our joint engineering backgrounds, I can always count on your column to give precise and insightful coverage of genealogical news in just the way I like to see it. And I still seem to suffer some clairvoyant link with your mind that leads me to think about writing on a subject during the time that you ARE writing about it. Much of the time I say to myself, "Guess there's no need to write up that article. Randy must already have it in the works!"

Also, thanks for your coverage of the Genealogical Maturity Model. The reach of your column was able to draw Ms. Mills into the conversation which helped both me and commenters.

Thank you, thank you!
-- The Ancestry Insider