Monday, January 11, 2010

10 Genealogy Things That Make Me Happy

My thanks to Russ Worthington (the My Tombstone Collection blog), Jean Wilcox Hibben (the Circlemending blog), Colleen McHugh (the Orations of OMcHodoy blog), Terri O'Connell (the Finding Our Ancestors blog), and Lynn Palermo (The Armchair Genealogist blog) for awarding me the Happy 101 Award.

There are two requirements for recipients:

1) List ten things that make me happy. I'm going to choose Ten Genealogy things since I could list family things in a much longer list:

* Tracking down an elusive ancestor using the Genealogical Proof Standard
* Having a distant cousin contact me via email or blog comment that I can help, or can help me, with ancestral family history.
* Giving a genealogy presentation, or teaching a class, where the audience "gets it"
* Watching a genealogy video or TV Show that draws people to pursue family history
* Being quoted or praised by my genea-blogging colleagues
* Writing blog posts that will help other genealogists with their research
* Praising and encouraging genealogy bloggers
* Challenging genea-bloggers and readers with Saturday Night Genealogy Fun posts - the results are often surprising to me and the bloggers!
* Going to any genealogy repository and browsing the shelves and catalog
* Finding useful genealogy records in online databases

2) Pass on this Happy 101 Award to ten other bloggers.

* Hmmm, I haven't kept track of the award recipients over the past two days, so if you haven't received this one yet - please consider yourself a recipient and tell us your Happy moments and favorite blogs.

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Lynn Palermo said...

I have also given you the Happy Award 101, your a popular kinda guy. Keep up the great work.