Friday, April 2, 2010

Bula! Randy's back - but snowed under...

Bula! That's "hello," "good morning" and "God bless you" in Fijian. Everybody says "Bula" ... I was really confused when the Customs inspector said "Bula" to me as we entered Fiji.

Did you follow our exploits on Facebook? See my page at and scroll down. I will eventually put some of our 500 photos in Facebook photo albums to share.

We got home last night at about 6:30 p.m. after a 43 hour day that included much sitting around, squirming in the 747 aisle seat next to a guy bigger than me, and finally dozing off just before breakfast was served. I did stay up until 9 p.m. last night and sorted snail mail and email, and the got nine hours sleep. I think I picked up a flu bug too over the past few days which finally showed up after we got home (sore throat, chills, fever, more).

During the trip, I was able to get on the Internet almost daily and keep up with my email. I had the foresight to unsubscribe from the TGF mailing list in order to keep my email volume down, but still averaged more than 100 emails per day. The bigger problem was Bloglines - I still have 1900 posts in my reader since I never had time to empty the list. That's today's project!

Genealogy highlights were meeting up with geneablogger Schelly Dardashti in Sydney (and her cousin and his wife), talking about genealogy and fmaily history with other folks on the tour, reading some of the WDYTYA? book, and thinking about my upcoming classes and presentations. The biggest disappointment was turning on my iPod and finding that it was not charged up after I loaded it with genealogy podcasts and my music.

From my limited review of blog posts on selected blogs, it appears that nothing really important to genealogy researchers happened over the past three weeks. Sure, press releases were sent, new software versions were announced, and blog memes were followed, but I didn't see anything genea-shaking. Maybe there will be important announcements this month at the NGS Conference!

I have lots of email backed up with helpful information, and will try to get to them over the next week or so.

I also have two magazine articles, a society newsletter, three presentations and a beginning genealogy class syllabus to work on in the next month! No rest for the travel-weary! Oh yeah, maybe I'll blog a bit too.


Family Curator said...

Welcome home Randy, we missed you!

Sheri Fenley said...

Welcome home Bula-Man!

my Heritage Happens said...

Well Bula to you too! ;-) Will give you time to get settled in, looks like you had a fantastic trip!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Take it easy, relax and enjoy your catch-up. :)

Martin said...

You realize that genealogists who get to go to Fiji can't break through their brick walls for at least one calendar year? Have fun in 2012. And welcome back.