Monday, August 23, 2010

American Ancestors Magazine - Summer 2010 Issue Table of Contents

The Summer 2010 issue (Volume 11, Number 3) of the magazine American Ancestors, New England, New York and Beyond, published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, is available:

A summary of the contents for this issue was found here, with a link to a PDF of the magazine here.

The Table of Contents includes:


* page 5 -- Greetings from NEHGS
* page 6 -- In This Issue
* page 7 -- Letters & Feedback
* page 8 -- Announcements
* page 13 -- Education Programs & Tours

* page 16 -- The Online Genealogist, with David Allen Lambert


* page 17 -- Images of the Revolutionary War Generation, by Maureen A. Taylor
* page 21 -- Strategies for Tracing Revolutionary War Veterans, by David Allen Lambert
* page 25 -- The Collections and Publications of the DAR Library, Washington, D.C., by Eric G. Grundset
* page 27 -- Revolutionary War-Related Research Problems? These Articles May Help, by Henry B. Hoff
* page 28 -- From the North Atlantic to the Great Lakes: Researching U.S. Naval Service During the War of 1812, by John P. Deeben
* page 32 -- Country Life in New England — Then & Now, by Louise Heath Miller

* page 35 -- Boston’s Holy Trinity German Church: Its Formation and Its Records, by Michael E. Hager
* page 38 -- Documenting a German-American Jewish Family: The Obermayers, by Lynn Betlock
* page 40 -- Piecing Together My Nova Scotia Ancestry — Online, by Lynn Mastrangelo
* page 42 -- Seen Elsewhere: New York-Related Articles in 2008–2009 Issues of Some Non-New York Journals, by Henry B. Hoff


* page 45 -- Genetics & Genealogy: Sewall Family DNA: A Project Status Report, by Eben W. Graves
* page 47 -- Manuscripts at NEHGS: Revolutionary War Collections at NEHGS, by Timothy G. X. Salls
* page 50 -- Diaries at NEHGS: Excerpts from the Diary of Brigadier General Jedidiah Preble (1707–84) of Falmouth, Maine, by Robert Shaw
* page 52 -- Tales from the Courthouse: From Mann Hill to Cowen Rocks: A Tale of Early Scituate, by Diane Rapaport
* page 54 -- Focus on New York: Peopling New Netherland, by Dorothy A. Koenig

This was an enjoyable issue to read. Maureen Taylor's article has a few of her images, and the articles about Revolutionary War records and research are helpful.

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