Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adopt-a-Page at FamilySearch Wiki

The FamilySearch Wiki has announced a new program for societies and organizations to "adopt" one or more state and/or county pages on the FamilySearch Research Wiki. This is a great idea!

The Adopt-a-Page information is at and looks like this:

The site answers the question "What is page adoption" with:

"Societies, archives or other family history organizations who wish to adopt a page will have their society logo and links to their society web page prominently featured on the page they adopt. You can see an example of what an adopted page might look like
here. "

The sample adopted page is shown below:

This is a tremendous opportunity for societies and organizations to provide accurate and up-to-date content on the FamilySearch Research Wiki. There are some guidelines for what societies and groups have to do:

"While anyone can contribute to any page in the wiki, societies/organizations who adopt a page provide oversight to ensure that the content on that page is a) comprehensive (they add information and links to other resources that might be missing) and b) accurate (they correct anything that might be wrong). "

Read the who web page for the Adopt-a-Page program. Frankly, quite a bit of the needed material is already on pages and on the web pages of local, county and state genealogical and historical societies.

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