Friday, October 15, 2010

Off to Salt Lake City next week - what should I do?

Everybody's first answer is probably "Go to the Family History Library!"   That's a given, and I've scheduled Friday for that.

This is a three-night trip - I get there Wednesday afternoon (and hope to have some FHL time that afternoon/evening).  If somebody would like to meet for dinner somewhere near the FHL, please email me at  By the way, I'm staying at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City.

Thursday is dedicated to meetings with a significant genealogy provider.  More on that next week. 

Friday is my full day at the Family History Library.  If anybody would like to meet for dinner, please email me!  I know that there is a conference at the Radisson Hotel. 

Saturday is my travel day back to San Diego. 

My tentative plans for research at the Family History Library include:

*  Search for Whittle, Morley, Mansley, Bury, and other names in Lancashire record sources (parish registers, poor law, churchwardens records, etc.)

*  Search for records from the California Gold Country for the Whittles and descendants.

*  Search Hilperton, Wiltshire record sources form ore information about my Richman, Rich, Marshman, Hill and other ancestral families.

*  Search for entries in Damages in New Jersey films from the Civil War.  I recently found an index online with several of my ancestors listed.

*  Search in Oxford County, Maine records for my elusive Thomas J. Newton.

*  Search for more info in Jefferson County, New York for potential Lamphear parents of my adopted Devier J. Lamphear Smith.

*  That's what I've thought of so far.  If I run out of things to do, I'll write blog posts on the computers at the FHL! 

Before I go, I need to update the genealogy database on my USB drive with RootsMagic-To-Go, add the latest material to my laptop files and the flash drive, and create enough space for record images on the USB drive. 

I may even run into some San Diego Genealogical Society folks during my visit - the society will make their annual visit to Salt Lake City next week. 


Thomas MacEntee said...

Hey Randy

I will see you there! I arrive on Tuesday morning and I'll probably be at FHL on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday.

I too will be working on my New York lines for MacEntee/McEntee and Henneberg.

Life Goes On said...

If you drink or even want a soda. Hunt down the " Dead Goat Saloon" down some stairs and hidden away. Nothing that special but I love the name and if I am ever in Salt Lake City will have to have to stop in for a coke. Years ago had to buy a membership to the bar for a day or so to be able to drink because of alcohol laws. May be the same. Was there 20 years ago. How time does fly. Have a great time.

Katharine Ott said...

Hi Randy - I see your reference to Jefferson Co, New York, research. I just identified a possible link to a 3rd great-grandfather there, William Anson Davis, born 1834. Have you found a good genealogy source for the county? I was directed to the Flower Memorial Library, but have not had time yet to pursue. Thanks, Kathy Ott

Randy Seaver said...

Kathy, the USGenWeb page for Jefferson County NY has some book transcriptions and some online databases. See

I've been to Flower Memorial Library in Watertown and they have limited hours for the genealogy collection. They do have surname files for many JeffCo surnames. I was searching SMITH and BELL - you can't imagine!

If you have ancestors in South Jefferson County, a visit to the South Jefferson Historical Association, 9 East Church Street, Adams NY 13605 (email or call for open hours) may be helpful. Debbie Quick has surname files also, plus more info specific to the towns in that area.

I did both of these in one day, but it was hurried.

Good luck -- Randy

Katharine Ott said...

Hi again Randy - Thanks for the information, I'll look forward to further investigation. My people may have been in Adams which I believe is southwest of Watertown. Smith and Bell, you have my sympathy! Although I don't think Davis is much better! My saving grace is that he was living with the Justus Ketchum family and I'm sure there's some link there. Thanks again! Kathy O