Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Tree University thinks I am a Genealogy Pro

I missed this little quiz last week when it was first posted - did anyone else take the quiz in What Genealogy Class is for You? at The Genealogy Insider blog?

I answered the questions as truthfully as possible - some questions didn't have options close to my true responses.  The test said I was a:


"When it comes to genealogy, you know what you're doing. But even an old genealogist can learn new tricks. Maybe you'd like to brush up on your tech skills with Advanced Google for Genealogists or Build a Family Website, or dive into a heritage-specific class such as German Genealogy 201 or Finding African-American Ancestors in Newspapers. "

I would love to learn new tricks, since the old ones aren't working so well right now.  I have too many brickwalls and not enough data...pretty common, eh?
But am I really a "Genealogy Pro?"  Based on over a decade of searching, choosing to tour European castles, etc.?  I think that I still have much to learn, and that is why I go to genealogical society meetings, attend one-day seminars and multi-day conferences, and read blogs and more. 
Family Tree University offers Webinars and classes (for a fee) on many subjects.
The list of "On Demand" Webinars (one-hour online lectures) includes (from
*  10 Steps to Discover Your Roots

*  Your Unofficial Guide to Tips, Hints and Hacks for Finding Your Ancestors
*  Ellis Island: Finding Your Ancestor in a Sea of Online Records
*  Brick Wall Busters: Solutions to Real-Life Stumpers
*  Online Military Records: Document Your Family’s Service
*  Making the Most of
*  Photo Sharing 101: How to Organize, Archive and Share Family Memories Online
*  Search Engine Tips & Tricks: Google Techniques to Boost your Research
*  Organization Made Easy
*  Photo Retouching
*  Brick Wall Strategies
*  Vital Records
*  Online Immigration Records
*  FamilySearch Essentials
*  Finding Your Family in Old Newspapers
*  Heirloom Preservation Made Easy
*  Online Census Secrets
*  Googling Your Genealogy

Here is a list of all of the Family Tree University classes listed at
*  Advanced Google for Genealogists: Techniques to Take Your Research to the Next Level

*  Build a Family Website: Make a Site for Your Family in Four Weeks
*  Cemetery Research 101: Dig Up Your Family History
*  Creating a Family History Book: Start-to-Finish Guidance for Assembling and Printing a Family Keepsake
*  Death Records 101: Find What Your Ancestors Left Behind
*  Digital Photography Essentials: Techniques to Capture and Preserve Your Family History
*  Discover Your Family Tree: Genealogy for the Absolute Beginner
*  Exploring City Directories: How to Trace Your Family in Yesterday’s Yellow Pages
*  Find Your German Roots: From America to Deutschland
*  Finding African-American Ancestors in Newspapers: Research Strategies for Success
*  Finding Ancestors in the US Census: Online and Offline Research Strategies
*  Finding Your Ancestral Village: Strategies and Tools to Pinpoint Your Family’s Place of Origin
*  German Genealogy 201: Strategies and Skillbuilding
*  Google Earth for Genealogists: Plot Your Ancestors’ Lives
*  Google Tools for Genealogists: Four Resources to Enhance Your Family History
*  Land Records 101: Using Deeds, Plats, Patents and More
*  Mastering Google Search: Secrets to Smarter, Faster Online Research
*  Newspaper Research 101: Find Your Ancestors in American News Sources
*  Organize Your Genealogy: Get Your Research in Order (and Keep It That Way)
*  Published Genealogies: How to Use Others’ Research to Grow Your Family Tree
*  Research in Foreign Records: How to Find Your Family Across the Pond
*  Reverse Genealogy: Working Forward to Break Down Brick Walls
*  Source Documentation: How to Cite Genealogy Sources Accurately and Effectively
*  Trace Your Polish Roots: Strategies for Searching in the US and Poland
*  Tracing Immigrants: How to Research Your Family’s American Arrivals
*  US Military Records: Trace Your Ancestors’ Service
*  US Vital Records: Researching Births, Marriages, Deaths and Divorces
*  Writing Your Family Memoir: Create a Captivating Record of Your Family’s Story

Do any of those "wet your whistle?"  If so, consider signing up for them when they are next offered.

At a minimum - take the little quiz and see if you agree with their assessment of your genealogical status.

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Angela McGhie said...

I took the quiz and got "Genealogy Pro" too. I have not taken any of their courses, but am interested in how in-depth they are as I write about genealogy education on my blog.