Thursday, November 18, 2010

Checking out the new MyHeritage Charts

MyHeritage has announced a new family tree chart feature on their blog post Create a Beautiful Family Tree Chart Online & Print it as a Poster and in a press release.  The blog post shows 13 different family tree chart types and 18 new chart styles.

I did a little experimenting with the family tree I have on MyHeritage, and quickly had some fairly nice charts in PDF format.  I don't have any photos uploaded to MyHeritage so the thumbnail pictures of my ancestors aren't included.

When I'm in my account, here is the screen showing the charts that I've created so far:

Here is a five-generation ancestor chart (a 708 kb PDF file, sized 31.5 inches by 18.1 inches):

Here is a seven-generation ancestor chart (a 694 kb PDF file, sized 137.75 inches wide and 14.03 inches high):

A closeup of the latter chart, in the middle, shows some of the detail:

As you can see, the only information shown is the person's name, a thumbnail picture if available, and the person's birth and death years.  Some chart styles may provide the capability to add actual dates and localities.  Perhaps MyHeritage can explain how to add those details.

I didn't try to create a 12-generation ancestor chart... but I think that MyHeritage can do it!

UPDATE:  It can, a 1 mb file 198 inches wide and 3.3 inches high.  Hard to read full scale!  That would be about 600 inches wide if it was 10 inches high!

Janet Hovorka, on The Chart Chick blog, just announced in Generation Maps Partners with My Heritage that Generation Maps is partnered with MyHeritage to create beautiful family charts.

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