Friday, January 7, 2011

Useful Genealogy Resources Website

Reader Lauren contacted me with information about a Genealogy Resources webpage she has created on the  site - see  The page looks like this:

There are categories, with links to web sites, for Genealogy Search, Land Records, Historical Records and Genetic Analysis.

Two of the "Historical Records" sites are to "private detective"-type pay sites, including one for and  Here is the screen for the Police Records site, which leads you to pay for criminal and other information:

There are many similar sites, and the reader needs to be careful with them.  They can be very useful if you need the type of information they offer.

The gem of this website, for me, was the link to the National Resource Directory - Military Service Records site of the National Archives.  This site lists many of the records available from the Archives for military servbice records:

My thanks to Lauren for offering a link to this genealogy resources page.  I hope that she adds more links to her site in order to broaden the coverage - for instance, links to these sites might be worthwhile: - a subscription site specializing in historical government records, city directories, etc. - a subscription site with historical records - a subscription site with historical records - a subscription site for historical and current newspapers - the updated FamilySearch site with many more historical record collections and links to the Research Wiki, Family History Library, and much more. - a free site with user-submitted databases and information, including the Social Security Death Index - free site with links to online historical vital, military, census and immigration records - a free people search site with links to pay sites for more information

What other links should Lauren add to her website?

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Geolover said...

While there are personal websites at that have some genealogical opinion and citations to records, by far the largest source of user-submitted databases, historical information and links to helpful local-research sites is USGenWeb, formerly hosted by Rootsweb: