Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow Friday - the Podcast

One of the newer entries in the genealogy podcast derby is  They have a regular podcast (audio only) hosted by Grant Brunner and with featured speakers. 

The Podcasts can be accessed through the Blog ( and the Podcast category is at

From the individual Podcast posts, the reader can download the episode to their computer, subscribe via iTunes or subscribe via your favorite podcatcher.   The individual Podcast posts usually have the show notes, with a transcription of the show.

Recent podcasts have included:

*  22 April 2011 - Starting Genealogy the Right Way with A.C. Ivory

*  21 April 2011 - Engaging with the Genealogy Community with Thomas MacEntee

*  20 April 2011 -  A User’s Perspective with Don Otvos

*  18 April 2011 - Getting Family Involved with Genealogy with Thomas MacEntee

*  14 April 2011 - Mobile Genealogy with A.C. Ivory

*  12 April 2011 - Interview with Pierre Clouthier of Progeny Genealogy

*  11 April 2011 -  Interview with Matt Johnston of Tpstry

*  7 April 2011 - Citing Your Sources with Thomas MacEntee

*  31 March 2011 - Collaborative Genealogy with Thomas MacEntee

*  24 March 2011 - Hiring a Professional Genealogist with Thomas MacEntee

*  17 March 2011 - Genealogy Conferences with Thomas MacEntee

*  10 March 2011 - What's a Webinar with Thomas MacEntee

*  28 February 2011 - Welcome, Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

Have a listen to the podcast or download them to your player and listen to them at your leisure.

I appreciate the access to noted speakers and many of these topics!

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Kenneth W. Spangler said...

Hey Randy,
Thanks for the info! I tend to overlook things in my busy life and your little "reminder" posts are something I look forward to!