Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 152: the Carringer House in 1957

I'm posting family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they won't be Wordless Wednesday posts like others do - I simply am incapable of having a wordless post.

Here is a photograph from the Seaver/Carringer family collection handed down by my mother in the 1988 to 2002 time period:

This photograph was taken of the Carringer home at 825 Harbor View Place in San Diego in November 1957, six years after the house was built on a small vee-shaped piece of land at the intersection of Harbor View Place and Armada Terrace.

Compare this view with last week's photograph taken from essentially the same location in 1951.  The vegetation on the hillside has grown to hide the bare slopes and the trees on the patio are now providing some shade.  The telephone pole on the corner is gone...apparently, the city undergrounded the utilities before 1957.

My grandmother, Emily (Auble) Carringer, had a wonderful green thumb - she loved flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, and planted them everywhere on the property. 

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Donna said...

Hi, Randy,

I think you took me past this house when I visited San Diego in 2008!