Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger withdrawal

Does Blogger know what they've done to many of us?  Their system for writing blog posts went down on Thursday afternoon and just came back up in the last 30 minutes.  Whew.  However, being able to read blog posts was not affected (except for Thursdays posts...).  The Google Reader was pretty sparse this morning!

I was suffering withdrawal pains here.  I had to spend my genealogy time (pretty much 8 to 10 hours a day...) having lots of genealogy fun doing:

*  Writing snarky or inane Twitter posts and Facebook comments, many of them attempts at humor. [Note, the best, I thought, was the suggestion that the SCGS Jamboree make "rabbit ears" like Princess Beatrice's wedding chapeau with "I like SCGS" in the circle.]  OK, i complained about Blogger too - couldn't help it.

*   Add content to the database.  I lucked out and received an email yesterday from a Calaveras County researcher (thank you Lori!!!!) who sent information about some of the Whittle family. 

*  Finish up the 1900 U.S. Census source citations - I had over 200 citations that needed "standardizing" to near EE quality.

*  Add source citations to various facts in my database, starting with items in my "to be added" paper stack.  My "to be filed" stack is getting taller!  If I can burn my paper stacks down, then I will have more room for surname notebooks in the bookcases.

*  Created a new GEDCOM file of my RootsMagic database, and imported it into Family Tree Maker 2011 and Legacy Family Tree 7.  I like to have a relatively up-to-date database in all of my programs.  I will soon upload the FTM database to Ancestry, hopefully taking all of my free-form sources with it.

*  Checked out the new databases, and noted three Web databases in the list.  I will write something soon about WebSearch!

*  Checked out the new FamilySearch Historical Collections (up to 624 today!) to see if there was a database to be mined and data entered into the database. 

*  Did more searching in the New FamilySearch Family Tree for elusive ancestors.  Did not upload any more persons to the FSFT though. 

*  Started outlining my "New England Research" presentation for CVGS on 4 June 2011 at Bonita-Sunnyside Library.

See, there are things I can do besides write blog posts and try to find esoteric problems in genealogy software programs! 

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Nikki LaRue said...

Yeah, I didn't have much fun while blogger was down. Of course, I had a few ideas of topics to post about but couldn't and now that it's back up I can't for the life of me remember what I was going to blog about. Ugh! Sounds like you were pretty busy though, and a bit productive as well.