Sunday, July 24, 2011

Best of the Genea-Blogs - 17 to 23 July 2011

Hundreds of genealogy and family history bloggers write thousands of posts every week about their research, their families, and their interests. I appreciate each one of them and their efforts.

My criteria for "Best of ..." are pretty simple - I pick posts that advance knowledge about genealogy and family history, address current genealogy issues, provide personal family history, are funny or are poignant. I don't list posts destined for the genealogy carnivals, or other meme submissions (but I do include summaries of them), or my own posts.

Here are my picks for great reads from the genealogy blogs for this past week:

2011 Land Records and Genealogy Symposium Rocked! Day 1 - Friday, July 15, 2011; Day 2 - July 16, 2011; Social Networking at the Land Records and Genealogy Symposium - Part 3 by Susan Petersen on the Long Lost blog.  Susan summarized each day of the conference in Beatrice, Nebraska. 

* The Old Dogs of Genealogy by Kerry Scott on The Clue Wagon blog.  Who's she talking about here?  My bark is worse than my bite...

Historical World Boundary Maps back to 2000 BC! by Randy Majors on the blog.  Randy does it again - historic world boundary maps! 

Immigrant Societies and Genealogy by Kathleen Brandt on the a3Genealogy blog.  Kathleen has an excellent list of resources (most are not online) to help find immigrants that needed assistants.

Bounty Land Warrants by Susan Farrell Bankhead on Susan's Genealogy Blog.  Susan has a great summary of these records and where you can find them.

Calculating Ahnentafel Numbers by Sarah on the My Mouse is Broken blog.  Sara did SNGF and discovered Ahnentafel numbers, plus a binary to base-10 number converter.  I love seeing how my readers work through the Saturday Night Fun challenges and learn from them.  Well done!

Source Citations: Why Form Matters, part four by Michael Hait on the Planting the Seeds: Genealogy as a Profession blog.  Michael dissects James Tanner's blog post about citation form, and argues persuasively (to me) that Evidence! Explained source citations should be used by researchers.

6 Types of Genealogical Collaboration and Follow-Up by GeneaPopPop on the Stardust 'n' Roots blog.  This is an interesting muse about collaboration - please add to the discussion if you want!

Genealogist's Shopping List by Susan LeBlanc on the Gopher Genealogy blog.  Sue lists the stuff she needs to do her genealogy work - what can you add?

RevWar At Walking the Berkshires by Tim Abbott on the Walking the Berkshires blog.  Tim's blog has transformed over the years, and he's concentrating on Revolutionary War posts.  This compendium is a wonderful collection of articles about his RevWar ancestors and reenacting experiences.

* Learning from Blogs by Ruby Coleman on the Genealogy Lines blog. Ruby highlights osme of her favorites and gives all of us a word of encouragement.

Several genea-bloggers wrote weekly pick posts and news summary posts this week, including:

Donna’s Picks: July 17, 2011 by Donna Pointkouski on the What's Past is Prologue blog.

Monday Morning Mentions by Lynn Palermo on The Armchair Genealogist blog.

*  Monday's Link Roundup by Dan Curtis on the Dan Curtis ~ Professional Personal Historian blog.

Genealogy Round Up, July 21 by Megan Smiolenyak on the Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak's Roots World blog.

Follow Friday: This Week’s Favorite Finds by Jen on the Climbing My Family Tree blog.

Genealogy News Corral, July 18-22 by Diane Haddad on The Genealogy Insider blog.

Week in Review by John Newmark on the TransylvanianDuitch blog.

I encourage readers to go to the blogs listed above and read their articles, and add their blogs to your Favorites, Google Reader, RSS feed or email if you like what you read. Please make a comment to them also - all bloggers appreciate feedback on what they write.

Did I miss a great genealogy blog post? Tell me! I am currently reading posts from over 1000 genealogy bloggers using Google Reader, but I still miss quite a few it seems.

Read past Best of the Genea-Blogs posts here.


Susan Petersen said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, Randy! I appreciate it!

Kerry Scott said...

Thank you for the mention!

(Bark? What bark? I don't hear any bark...)

Sara Greenleaf said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my post, Randy - much appreciated!

Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

Ok...I'm a bit behind in my reading. But thanks so much for the mention of the post and a3Genealogy.