Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Signs You Have GOCD

Hey genea-addicts, it's Saturday Night - time for more Genealogy Fun!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (and I hope that all of you do!), is to:

1)  Read Michael John Neill's post 10 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD (come on, give Michael some link love).

2)  Make up any number of sentences that will add to his list of signs that you have Genealogy OCD.  From one to many, no limit!

3)  Share your ingenuity and humor with us in your own blog post, in Comments to this post, in comments to Michael's post, or in a comment on Google Plus or Facebook.

Here are some of mine (I will probably add a few more on Saturday night):

*  You use Google Maps to plot your course on vacation - to ancestral homes, genealogical and historical societies, libraries, courthouses, archives, ancestral cemeteries, and geneablogger homes, and blog about it.

*  You plan out your visit to a genealogy library like Eisenhower on D-day - making to-do lists from the online catalog for books, journals, manuscripts, websites, etc.

*  You try really hard to make your 670 master source citations exactly like the ones in Evidence! Explained, and constantly revise them.

*  You keep hard copies of your favorite genealogical journals in your bookcase, even though you haven't looked at most of them for five years, thinking "I might need them soon."


Dorene from Ohio said...

Randy - This was so much fun...I got my kids to help me brainstorm. Here is my post:

Anonymous said...

Posted a wee blog, but can't see a way of leaving a comment on Michael's blog, so linked to his original post :-)


Caro said...

Thanks for this challenge, Randy. I've posted my entry - "10 Signs you have summer holiday GOCD" - at: My husband didn't find it the least bit amusing ;-)

Bubba said...

I fixed the link to allow comments--so that should work if anyone sees it.

I also look for ancestral gravesites within 4 miles of interstates. That's always convenient.

owlhart said...

You keep your hand scanner in your vehicle at all times; never know when you might need it.

You know more about the history of the towns of your ancestors, than the town you are actually living in.

You are participating in SNGF, indoors, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

You have pre-written your own obituary, leaving nothing out, for the benefit of future descendants who are GOCD, updating with each new marriage, or birth of grandchildren.

If you’re down to two postage stamps, you send away for that death certificate (which needs a SASE), and postpone paying the water bill, which is due tomorrow.

Deb Ruth said...

Randy-This was a blast! Chuckled to myself the whole time writing the post. Here is my link.



Maggie said...

- You are too busy to write a SNGF blog post because you're chasing up some Scottish ancestors with a third cousin you discovered two days ago.

Anonymous said...

What a great challenge! Here's my contribution:

Caro said...

PS You know you are really GOCD if, like me, you start checking the Genea-Musings blog for the latest SNGF challenge around 7pm on a Saturday evening, are sad if it isn't there, keep hitting Refresh and get really cross if it hasn't appeared by 8pm!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the idea, here is mine.

Unknown said...

Great fun, Randy. My post can be found at: