Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you Have "Comments" on Your Ancestry Member Tree?

I was puttering around one of my Ancestry Member Trees the other day, and saw the "Comments (22)" item in the list for the "Tree Overview" page.  What's that, I thought... I didn't know there were any comments.  The "Tree Overview" screen looked like this:

Okay, let's see what is at the "Comments" link:

There were 22 Comments on this list that asked questions or provided information about persons and facts in my Ancestry Member Tree.  Since October 2009!  Who knew?  I didn't, and figure that readers might not either (although I know that many of my readers are smarter than me!). 

I methodically went through each Comment and added information to my RootsMagic database if the information was sourced or could be verified with other records.  When I upload my updated RootsMagic database to an AMT (probably by exporting via GEDCOM to Family Tree Maker 2012 and then synced to a new Ancestry Member Tree), the updated information will be included. 

This is an example of the genealogy community trying to collaborate with me, and I didn't even know about it until recently.  I greatly appreciate those researchers that took the time and made the effort to offer updated or new information to me about persons in my Ancestry Member Tree.


Jim's Girl said...

Check your Ancestry settings, Randy. On my Ancestry home page, at the top left I get a summary of Recent Member Connect Activity. You can customize what shows up or doesn't, e.g., comments, people saving records you've worked with, etc.

Kaisa Kyläkoski said...

Don't know what I've as settings, but I get an email notification if someone comments on my trees.

Geolover said...

On the Tree Overview page for each AncestryMemberTree, in the Tree Summary box at upper right, among the statistics is "Comments" with a number. Click on the link to see all of the comments in one list.

There is no need to wait until downloading the tree to be aware of or to see the Comments!