Wednesday, December 28, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 185: Norway in a Nutshell Tour

I recently scanned some photographs from our 1999 trip to Scandinavia, including a visit to Oslo, Voss and Bergen in Norway. I am posting some of these photos for (Not So) Wordless Wednesday (you know me, I can't go wordless!)..

These are two photographs from our visit to Norway. We took a Norway Fjord tour out of Voss on a bus one day through the mountains north of Voss to Gudvangen. We boarded a ship that cruised across the Sognefjord to Leikanger, then cruised further up the fjord to Flam. We got off the boat in Flam and took the Flam Mountain Railway up the mountain past raging waterfalls, to Myrdal, where we caught the train back to Voss. This was the sightseeing highlight of our vacation.

Here are several pictures:

1) This is a farm alongside one of the smaller fjords, taken from the ship:

Here is the town of Gudvangen, taken from the ship:

This is the large raging waterfall on the railway between Flam and Myrdal.

You can see the current Norway in a Nutshell tours offered here.

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