Monday, January 30, 2012

The iGene Awards for 2011 for Genea-Musings Posts

The call for nominations for the iGene Awards is on Jasia's Creative Gene blog:

" The topic for the 114th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is: The 5th Annual iGene Awards! For those not familiar with the iGene Awards, you can see the previous years hereherehere, and here. We'll announce our best blog posts from the previous year (in this case, 2011) in the following 5 categories: Best Picture (that would be a photograph), Best Screen Play (story you would make into a movie including the cast), Best Documentary (investigative research), Best Biography, Best Comedy. Write up a blog post with links to your best articles in these categories and submit it to the COG! The deadline for submissions is February 1st."

Here are the winners that I've selected from 1,037 Genea-Musings posts during 2011:

1)  Best Picture:  The iGene Award goes to:  The Ranslow Smith Four-Mile Inn at Old World Wisconsin (see story in Day 13 on the Seaver Family History Mystery Tour):

This "Dear Photograph" picture was taken by myself at Old World Wisconsin in front of the restored Ranslow Smith Four-Mile Inn (built in 1853).  I am holding a 1930-era photograph of the Inn when it stood on its original site in Rolling Prairie, Dodge County, Wisconsin.

2)  Best Screenplay:  The iGene Award goes to:  The William Seaver Murder Mystery, and Family History Compendium.  This starts with your intrepid researcher getting a request on an Ancestry message asking if he knew the ancestry of William Seaver, who was murdered near Alexandria, Virginia in 1821.  It turns out that he did, but it took awhile to research the event, the ancestry of William and his wife, and the descendants.  This could easily be a Who Do You Think You Are? episode, I think (with the murder shown in vintage film).

3)  Best Documentary:  The iGene Award goes to:  Treasure Chest Thursday - Isaac Seaver's Civil War Pension File: Compendium of Posts.    There are 20 posts in this series documenting and discussing Isaac Seaver's (1823-1901) Civil War Pension File.

4)  Best Biography:  The iGene Award goes to:  Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Write Your Own Obituary.  In one of the least participated SNGF's in history, I managed to write my own autobiography.  Shorter than it should be, and too costly for a real newspaper obituary (at 75 cents per line of 30 characters in agate type).

5)  Best Comedy:  The iGene Award goes to:  The Genealogism Blog Collection.   Another SNGF compendium, linking to my own and six other blogs with creative genealogy-related words.  alas, the Genealogisms Dictionary is still in writing and editing mode. 

I would like to thank the Academy for accepting my nominations and for making the awards!

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Jasia said...

I have to say, I love your "Best Picture" choice. It's a winner for sure! Thanks for participating in the COG, Randy!

Kristin said...

I cannot wait to see the movie with the murder, the mystery, the mistaken identity! And the obit was great. Hope it works out like that and they don't have to change a thing.