Thursday, February 2, 2012

FamilySearch adds 1790-1840 and 1890 U.S. Census images and indexes

Paul Nauta of FamilySearch just informed me that the U.S. Census population schedules for these census years were added to day to the Historical Record collections page:

*  1790
*  1800
*  1810
*  1820
*  1830
*  1840
*  1890 (what is available)

Here is the screen shot for the newest records added today:

This screen shows that the 1840 U.S. Census index is loaded, but the index for the other years are not loaded yet.  Paul assured me that they will be available later today.

With this set of indexes, the complete U.S. Census population schedules are now available with the double-blind and arbitrated indexing system used by FamilySearch.  The FamilySearch site still does not have images for these years:

*  1860 - links to images on Fold3 (a subscription site)
*  1880
*  1930

1 comment:

Geolover said...

The 1840 US Census ~index~ is indeed loaded, but the images are not uploaded or accessible to most people. There is a message that images can be viewed on, and can be viewed through Family History Centers or by "signed-in-members of participating organizations."

I was looking for a different image than the one on because Ancestry's uploads for a locality of interest have the last few households on each page cut off.

The search results do not warn that what was uploaded was only an index to off-site images.