Thursday, January 12, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Death Record of James A. Kemp

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to show another digital image of a treasured document in my collection.

This week it is the Death Record of James A. Kemp (1831-1902) of Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario, one of my second great-grandfathers, and the husband of Mary Jane (Sovereen) Kemp (1841-1874) and Melissa (Wilson) Kemp (18401-1902).  

There are two entries on this register image - the death listings for both James A. Kemp and Melissa (Wilson) Kemp.  A two-fer!!

James A. Kemp's death record is on the first line across two pages of this register ("Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947," online database, (, citing Archives of Ontario. Registrations of Deaths, 1869-1938. MS 935, reels 1-615. Archives of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1902, Volume 7, page 162, No. 17332, James A. Kemp entry).

The information on this record for James A. Kemp is (in columns):

*  Name of Deceased:  Kemp James A.
*  Sex -- M or F:  M
*  Date of Death:  Sept 19 1902
*  Age:  70
*  Residence:  Delhi

*  Occupation:  Farmer
*  Married or Single:  M*  Where Born:  Prince Edward Co
*  Cause of Death, Length of Illness:  Acute Indigestion & Heart Failure, 10 hours
*  Name of Physician in Attendance:  R. Bruce Wells.
*  Religious Denomination:  Bapt
*  Name of Person Making Return: Frank Kemp

*  Date of Registration:  Sept 19 1902

 information on this record for Melissa Kemp (second row) is (in columns):

*  Name of Deceased:  Kemp Melissa
*  Sex -- M or F:  F
*  Date of Death:  Sept 28 1902
*  Age:  62
*  Residence:  Delhi

*  Occupation:  
*  Married or Single:  Widow*  Where Born:  Barrie
*  Cause of Death, Length of Illness:  Pneumonia, 5 days 10 hours
*  Name of Physician in Attendance:  R. Bruce Wells.
*  Religious Denomination:  Meth
*  Name of Person Making Return: Frank Kemp

*  Date of Registration:  Sept 29 1902

I obtained this record image by using the collections at the San Diego Family History Center.  I used the FamilySearch collection entry for this record to determine the microfilm number (1,854,185) and then looked in the Family History Library Catalog to figure out the Volume for the specific registration number in 1902 (see the record description here). 

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