Wednesday, May 16, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 205: Is This My Monkey Uncle?

 I am posting photographs from my family collections for (Not So) Wordless Wednesday (you know me, I can't go wordless!).    

Here is a small photograph from the Seaver/Carringer family collection handed down by my mother in the 1988 to 2002 time period:  

The note on the back of this photograph says "January 1955."  This photo was taken at the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park in San Diego, just inside the entrance.  

The people in this picture are:

*  Randy Seaver (on the left)
*  Stan Seaver (on the right)

My brother and I had our Brownie cameras ready to go, and my mother said "go stand in front of the gorilla..."

I haven't figured out if we're related to the gorilla yet...I don't think so, at least for the last 10,000 generations or so!  

A Google search for images reveals the Gorilla's name was Ngagi, who was probably one of the first gorilla inhabitants at the Zoo.  I don't recall seeing this statue when we were last at the Zoo with the grandchildren.  I'll have to look for it and take a picture of them with it if the statue is still there.  It would also be a good candidate for the "Dear Photograph" meme if I could get my brother to stand next to it with me.

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