Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Creating a Specific Place List Report in Legacy Family Tree 7.5

Last week, I discussed how to create a specific Source Usage List Report in RootsMagic 5, Family Tree Maker 2012, and Legacy Family Tree 7.5 genealogy software.  My purpose was so that I could determine which source citations need to be improved to (near) Evidence! Explained quality.   The lists created by RootsMagic and Legacy were fairly easy to generate and were useful to me; the list in Family Tree Maker was more difficult to create and was useful.

This week, I want to create a specific Place List Report in each software program listed so that I can determine which Facts in my database for a specific place do not have a Source Citation.  I want to search the available resources and add source citations for those Facts.

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I will use Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts as my test Place.  I have already made a Source Usage report for the Vital Records of Sudbury book.  Ideally, I want a Place Usage report that lists these items, ideally in columns:

*  Place Name
*  Persons
* Fact Type
* Fact Date
* Fact Source Citation

In Legacy Family Tree 7.5, I found that I could make a Place List for Persons and Facts associated with a specific Place.  Here is the process: 

1)  On the Legacy top menu, click on the "View" item, select the "Master Lists" and then select the "Location" item:

2) On the "Master Location List," search for or scroll down to the location you want - in my case, I searched for Sudbury, Massachusetts.  "Tag" that location by clicking in the Tag check box.  The list of "People using this location" appeared in the right hand area.  To "Tag" those persons, click on the "List Options" button (just below the list of names) and select the "Tag Everyone in List."  I selected "Tag Level 1" for this set of persons.  

In the screen above, you can see that an "X" appears next to each person in the List of names with an Event in Sudbury.

3)  After the location and people are tagged, then click on the "Options" button to the right of the list of tagged people.  In the dropdown menu, select "Print" and then "Location Report:" 

4)  The "Location Report" window opens, and the user can choose the desired options.

On the screen above, I selected "Only tagged ancestors," "Master locations and who uses them," "Include specific events" and "Include event data."  

4)  I clicked the "Preview" button and received the "Location List" for Sudbury, Massachusetts:

The Location List provides the person's name, birth-death dates, and Event type and date.  There is no indication if a source citation is available.  Therefore, this list is for all persons with events in Sudbury, Massachusetts in the Location field - not just the unsourced events in Sudbury.

The report above is useful to me - it has everything I want except an indication that there is a source citation for the event.  I could print it out, or save it, and use it to find the persons in my database who have Sudbury, Massachusetts in a location field, and double check the Sudbury Vital Records book or find the correct source citation for the event and enter it appropriately.

I must admit that Tagging is a mystery to me.  In this task, it was easy to do.  However, I have been unable to figure out how to create a report for the unsourced Events in Sudbury, Massachusetts.  Perhaps it can be done, perhaps not.  Maybe someone smarter than me will help me out here!

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Connie Sheets said...

Yes, it can be done.

(1) If necessary, clear any previous tagging you've done.

(2) From the Location list, tag everyone with a Sudbury, Mass. location.

(3) Go to the Search menu and click on the Missing Sources tab.

Check what type of Missing Source list you want (I'd guess Anything might be your best bet, but you might want a list of only Birth data, or only Death data, etc.)

(4) Click on Create List. This will give you a list of everyone in your database with Missing Sources, but notice that some of them (the ones with a Sudbury location) will be Tagged.

(5) Click on the Search button at the bottom of the list, choose Show All Tagged, then Tag 1 individuals. This will convert your list of people with missing sources to only those people with Sudbury locations.

(6) Click the Print button at the bottom of the list, and choose the options you want from the various tabs. For example, on Row 1 you might want to print the birth and death data, or only the burial data, etc.

From there, you can click Preview, Print, or Save as per usual.

Connie Sheets said...

Clarification re: Step 5 in my above comment:

(5) Click on the Search button at the bottom of the list, choose Show All Tagged, then Tag 1 individuals. This will convert your list of people with missing sources to only those people with missing sources AND a Sudbury location.

Connie Sheets said...

I have corrected and clarified the procedure for creating a Missing Sources by Location report in Legacy on my pathetically neglected blog. Ignore my comments above and see