Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Getting Started in Genetic Genealogy" Workshop on Sunday, 7 October

The October Chula Vista Genealogical Society (CVGS) Workshop is this Sunday, 7 October, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library (4375 Bonita Road in Bonita, turn left at Billy Casper Way, library is on the left) in the Community Room.

The workshop speaker will be CeCe Moore on "Getting Started in Genetic Genealogy." 

Discover the fascinating world of genetic genealogy (DNA Testing for Genealogy). Genetic Genealogy is a wonderful resource for the family genealogist or historian and is growing daily! This presentation will provide you with an overview about DNA testing for genealogy by making the subject accessible and understandable for the non–scientist. 

CeCe Moore is a full-time genetic genealogist, and author of the Your Genetic Genealogist blog.  She is the Ancestry Ambassador for 23andMe, the Moderator for the ISOGG DNA Newbie List, on the Advisory Board for the Mixed Roots Foundation, the Co-Director of the Global Adoptee Genealogy Project, ISOGG Regional Coordinator for Southern California, Proctor DNA Project Administrator, Travis DNA Project Co-Administrator (FTDNA), and Administrator for the ISOGG Wikipedia ( 

I'll be there - will you?  I hope so!

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