Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Creating a Specific Place List Report in Family Tree Maker 2012

Last week, I discussed how to create a specific Source Usage List Report in RootsMagic 5, Family Tree Maker 2012, and Legacy Family Tree 7.5 genealogy software.  My purpose was so that I could determine which source citations need to be improved to (near) Evidence! Explained quality.   The lists created by RootsMagic and Legacy were fairly easy to generate and were useful to me; the list in Family Tree Maker was more difficult to create and was useful.

This week, I want to create a specific Place List Report in each software program listed so that I can determine which Facts in my database for a specific place do not have a Source Citation.  I want to search the available resources and add source citations for those Facts. 

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I will use Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts as my test Place.  I have already made a Source Usage report for the Vital Records of Sudbury book.  Ideally, I want a Place Usage report that lists these items, ideally in columns:

*  Place Name
*  Persons
* Fact Type
* Fact Date
* Fact Source Citation

In Family Tree Maker 2012, I found that I could make a list of Persons with Facts that contain a specific place name.  I found that I could also make an Undocumented Facts report for Persons with a specific Fact Place.  However, I can't create a Report for exactly what I want - with the Source citation listed if there is one.

Here is the process for the two Reports that come the closest to what I want:

1)  Place Usage Report for a specific place:

In the "Places" workspace, the list of Places in my database appeared with the places on the left, the map in the middle showing the selected and highlighted place, and the Persons with Facts for the selected Place.  I scrolled down the place list to Sudbury, Massachusetts:

The list of Persons on the right is what I want to obtain - so I clicked the "Share" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and saw a dropdown menu:

I chose :Export Place Usage Report for This Place," and saw the report:

The "Place Usage Report" has listings for Sudbury, Massachusetts, including the Person's name, the Fact Type, and Fact Date.  However, this report includes all Facts with the selected Place name, including those for which I already have a source citation.  That's OK for now.  I like this report.

2)  The Undocumented Facts Report:

In the "Publish" workspace and the "Source Reports" collection, there is an "Undocumented Facts" Report option.

After selecting the "Undocumented Facts" Report, I clicked the "Selected Individuals" radio button, which opened the "Filter Individuals" window so that I could select persons for the report.  I clicked on the "Filter In >" button in the "Filter Individuals" window, and the "Filter Individuals by Criteria" window opened:

In the screen above, I selected the "Other" radio button, selected "Any Fact Places" in the "Search where" dropdown menu, selected "Contains" and entered "Sudbury" in the "Where" field.  I clicked on "OK" and 405 persons were selected:

After licking on "OK" the "Undocumented Facts" report for all instances of "Sudbury " as a Place (which might include other states or countries) was created:

This is a 46 page report.  For each Person, the Facts for that Person, and the Place Name for each Fact are listed.

As you can see in the screen above, there are entries for Sudbury, Suffolk, England, but almost all of the entries are for Sudbury, Massachusetts.

I can use this report to find the Facts for Sudbury, Massachusetts that are not documented, which is what my goal was.  I can save it as a PDF file, and then use it to find entries in the Sudbury Vital Records book and enter the appropriate source citations in my database.

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Cousin Russ said...


Have you put your Place Names into the Place Name Authority format? If so, you can put the full Place Name into the "Contains" field, where you just entered Sudbury.


You can < fileter Out "Sudbury, Suffolk, England"

A real benefit of putting Place Names into the PNA authority format.

Hope that helps,


Anonymous said...

Another interesting post, Randy. Your investigations in these software programs help all of us. Many times I have googled a genea-software problem only to have your blog show up at the top of the list.
Your tactic today seems like an interesting idea. And I hope people realize that many of those Massachusetts VR books are available for free on the web.