Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Who Do You Think You Are?" Program In Torrance a Smash Hit!

I highlighted an intriguing local genealogical society program in a post titled "Who Do You Think You Are?" at Torrance, California Centennial on 2 August.

The program was on Wednesday, 19 September.  In the program, the South Bay Cities Genealogical Society (SBCGS) gave three WDYTYA? type presentations to three Torrance residents, as part of Torrance's Centennial celebration:

*  "Looking Back with the Post Family" - one of the earliest families to settle in Torrance.

*  "Honoring the Present with The Scottos" - Mayor Frank Scotto and Centennial Committee Cindy Scotto

*  Moving Forward with Michael Shafer - Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce 2012 Citizen of the Year.

There is a video of a news broadcast on a Los Angeles area cable television station below.  Fast forward to about the 19 minute mark for a 4 minute summary of the program, including interviews with several genealogists:

Here is a screen capture of my friend, Connie Moretti of SBCGS, speaking to the interviewer:

This was, in my opinion, an ambitious community-oriented program that showcased genealogical and family history research in a very positive way.  It may be something that other genealogical societies consider doing for a community program.

Congratulations to the South Bay Cities Genealogical Society for a program well planned and executed.  Genealogy rocks in genealogical societies!!

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Unknown said...

Randy, Thanks for posting this follow-up. I attended the program and the South Bay Cities Genealogical Society did an excellent job of researching the families and there were some great surprises (just like on TV)!