Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - Ancestry.com's YouTube Channel

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Check out Ancestry.com's YouTube Channel for educational videos about genealogical records and Ancestry.com.

The Ancestry.com YouTube channel is at http://www.youtube.com/user/AncestryCom/.  There are over 300 videos of various lengths on this channel - all of them are FREE.

Here is the top of the home page (with most recent videos listed first):

I clicked on the first one listed - Death Clues in Census Records and saw:

I could watch this video with Ancestry Anne (Anne Mitchell of the Finding Forgotten Stories blog).

Anne Mitchell and Crista Cowan have been doing weekly video programs (in the Ancestry.com Desktop Education series) that viewers can watch live online, or view from the YouTube video archive.  Their sessions are about 30 minutes in length and demonstrate how to find and use genealogical records on Ancestry.com.  If you watch the video live online on the Ancestry LiveStream channel, there is a Chat board to ask and answer questions during the video.

The most recent videos include:

*  Death Clues in Census Records

*  Descending From Evil: The Story of Herman Webster Mudgett

*  Family History Clues in Death Records on Ancestry.com

*  You've Received Your AncestryDNA Results.  Now What?

*  Alternatives to Death Certificates in Genealogy

*  Ancestry.com Facebook App: Your Questions Answered

*  Searching for Death Records

*  How to Up Your Genealogy Game with Ancestry Anne

*  Ancestry.com: Lincoln - Unite

*  Genealogy Brainstorming: I'm Stuck! Now What?

*  Hamburg Passenger Lists and Other Image-First collections

Those are from the last three weeks - there are many more!

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