Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yearbook Collection FREE on Mocavo

Mocavo has posted a new Infographic and a blog post about their FREE School Yearbook collection - see Mocavo Announces our Yearbooks Collection!

I couldn't resist looking for my people - I started with my mother, who graduated from San Diego High School  in 1936, and from San Diego State College in 1940.  I found some new information in this search.  

Here is my search process and my results:

1.  The Mocavo Yearbook page is

As you can see, I entered my mother's name in the Name fields.

2)  After clicking on the blue "Search Now" button, I was presented with a list of 10 matches in the Yearbook collection:

In the list in the left sidebar, the search results are shown - 10 Documents, 2 Records, and 438 on the Open Web.  The Documents contain the Yearbooks.

In the screen above, each Document is listed with a link, a text snippet, and an image snippet.

3)  I scrolled down a bit and found an image from the 1940 San Diego State College Yearbook, and clicked on it (two screens):

The screen above provides a summary of Betty Carringer's work for the Senior class.  There is a transcription of the text at the bottom of this web page.  Yes, the picture to the right and just below Betty's article is a picture of her - a picture I had never seen before.  I can right-click and "Save Image As" to capture the document page.

I can navigate to a previous page or next page by clicking on the left and right arrows in the line above the image, or by clicking the links below the image.  I can navigate to other pages for Betty Carringer in this specific Yearbook by clicking on the blue page numbers above the menu bar with the blue background.

I had found several of the SDSC Yearbook pages in the collection last year - see Treasure Chest Thursday - Betty Carringer's 1940 College Yearbook Pictures.  But I had not seen the specific page shown above - that is new for me, as were several other pages.

I did look for other persons who might be in this Yearbook collection - myself, my father, and my Aunt Geraldine - without any success.

I don't know exactly which Yearbooks are available in this collection, but it is not yet as extensive as the Yearbook collection.  Mocavo says they have 17,000 yearbooks with 3.5  million images, while Ancestry says they have 35,000 yearbooks and 7 million images.  But Mocavo's collection is free, while Ancestry's is behind their membership wall.

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Anonymous said...

You are showing "Mocavo Plus" in your example. This is not free. When I searched various names, I kept getting a chance to upgrade.

Katelyn said...

Hi! Just to clarify, the Yearbooks collection looks the same for both Mocavo Basic and Mocavo Plus users. In order to see the collection, the site asks that you either log in to your account or create a Mocavo Basic membership, which is completely free and only takes a minute to sign up for. You can view all of Mocavo's content for free with the Mocavo Basic account. Mocavo Plus is a subscription service and offers advanced features such as Advanced Search, Discovery Alerts, Search Re-runs, Smart Trees, Browsing History, and Advanced Document Viewing.