Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ancestry Anne's 10 Favorite Search Tips

I received an email from today providing a link to Ancestry Anne's Ten Favorite Search Tips:

Ancestry Anne is Anne Gillespie Mitchell, who hosts some of the YouTube webinars on a regular basis.  Anne also has her own genealogy blog called Finding Forgotten Stories, and contributes to Ancestry's Sticky Notes genealogy blog.

Anne's Ten Search Tips page is here.   It specifically applies to searching on and using an Ancestry Member Tree.

What do you think of her list?  Do you agree with her ten tips?  What would you remove or replace?  How would you improve on it?

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Smadar said...

I liked her tips. They are excellent for beginners. I would have loved more advanced ones! Number 7 was new to me! I'm going to checkout ? and * for my searches! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I actually thought it was a pretty good list. Even the "basic" tips weren't too terribly basic. However, I still prefer to use old search, since new search still gives me fits and whenever I do try it I don't get any better results.