Friday, December 7, 2012

Ancestry Member Tree Hints and Images

I uploaded a new private Ancestry Member Tree today, with just five generations of ancestral families (15 families, 188 persons, including spouses).  I wanted to get a clear picture of just how many Hints that finds within one day of uploading.

After just 5 hours, here is the Pedigree View of the Tree:

There are green shaky leaves for every person on the tree (even the other children, and their spouses, in the ancestral families).  Here are the number of Hints for each person:

1.  Randall Jeffrey Seaver - 2
2.  Frederick Walton Seaver - 41
3.  Betty Virginia Carringer - 21
4.  Frederick Walton Seaver - 57
5.  Alma Bessie Richmond - 42
6.  Lyle Lawrence Carringer - 23
7.  Emily Kemp Auble - 12
8.  Frank Walton Seaver - 42
9.  Hattie Louise Hildreth - 39
10.  Thomas Richmond - 21
11.  Julia White - 20
12.  Henry Austin Carringer - 22
13.  Abbie Ardell (Della) Smith - 22
14.  Charles Auble - 9
15.  Georgianna Kemp - 10
16.  Isaac Seaver III - 60
17.  Lucretia Townsend Smith - 30
18.  Edward Hildreth - 18
19.  Sophia Newton - 29
20.  James Richman/Richmond - 26
21.  Hannah Rich - 13
22.  Henry Arnold White - 4
23.  Amy Frances Oatley - 3
24.  David Jackson Carringer - 28
25.  Rebecca Spangler - 21
26.  Devier James Lamphear Smith - 37
27.  Abbie A. Vaux - 13
28.  David Auble - 8
29.  Sarah Knapp - 4
30.  James Abram Kemp - 5
31.  Mary Jane Sovereen - 5

There are 687 Hints for those 31 persons.  The range is from 2 to 60.

For each person, I ran the mouse over the name and the number of Hints showed up - as for Isaac Seaver below:

Isaac Seaver had the most Hints - 60!  Here is the top of the page of Hints for him:

The 60 Hints include (* denotes actual records that could be attached to Events):

1  Ancestry Family Trees (10 Public Member Trees)
1  1900 US Census Record*
1  American Civil War Soldiers Record*
1  1880 US Census Record*
1 Web-Massachusetts Find A Grave Record*
1 Massachusetts Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 - Birth*
1 1850 US Census Record*
1 1860 US Census Record*
1 1870 US Census Record*
51 Public Member Photos - all of them from my two other public Ancestry Member Trees (I attached images of census, vital, gravestone and other records to Isaac in those two trees)

So there were 8 actual historical records that could have been attached to Isaac Seaver if I wanted to do that.  Some of the 51 Public Member Photos included those 8 records.

I may go through all of the persons and see how many actual records are identified, and how many are correct for the persons in my tree.

One of the benefits of doing this exercise was that I could see which persons in the tree (top image) did not have thumbnail pictures of the persons.  I have one for most of these persons.  I had not added some thumbnails to the database, and for some I had not made the thumbnail photo the top image in the Media collection.  So I was able to add some thumbnails so that the next time I upload a file to an Ancestry Member Tree, the thumbnail images will show on the Pedigree chart.

I think that it is amazing that, as soon as this tree was uploaded, via a Sync in Family Tree Maker 2012, the green shaky leaves started appearing immediately.

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bgwiehle said...

Hi Randy,
I just made some corrections that I think will be of interest to someone I've communicated with in the past and who has a public tree.
Corrections show up as MemberConnect messages within a day or two for those who have already attached or downloaded the record. However, it can take a while for corrections to show on the record itself and to be searchable.
How quickly does a corrected record appear as a "shaky leaf"?