Monday, December 3, 2012

Have you checked Ancestry's New and Updated Collections Lately?

Almost every day I go to and check to see what has added or updated recently.  When there is a collection of interest to me, I "mine" it for data and add the information to my database.

For instance, the collections added in the last week or so include:

*  Savannah, Georgia, Voter Records, 1901-1917

*  Savannah, Georgia, Cemetery and Burial Records, 1852-1939

*  Savannah, Georgia, Land Tax & Property Records, 1896-1938

*  Savannah, Georgia, Land Tax & Property Records, 1896-1938

*  Savannah, Georgia, Naturalization Records, 1825-1904

*  Web: Genesee County, Michigan, Birth Index, 1888-1907

*  Wisconsin, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1922-1963

The only one of those that has records that I might be interested in is the Genesee County, Michigan birth index.  That collection is on the Flint Genealogical Society web page (  The page says that the data is between 1878 and 1907, not an insignificant difference!

The index has three entries for Seaver people.  I already had those persons in my Seaver One-Name Study, but you never know what you're going to find!

If you are actively searching for persons with a specific surname, staying on top of the new and updated collections on is a great way to find new online collections and records.

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Amy Urman said...

I am with you - I check almost daily!