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Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 175: Death Certificate for Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891-1976)

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to showcase some of the collected documents and other treasures of my ancestors.

Here is the Death Certificate for my grandfather, Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891-1976), obtained from the San Diego County Department of Public Health Office:

Here is the transcription of the information in the death certificate (typed portions underlined, handwritten portions in italics):

State of California - Department of Health
Office of the State Registrar of Vital Statistics
Local Registration District and Certificate Number: 8009   10246
1a.  Name of Deceased - first Name:  Lyle
1b.  Middle Name: Lawrence
1c.  Last Name: Carringer
2a. Date of Death: November 5, 1976
2b.  Hour: 10:30 P.M.
3.  Sex: Male
4. Color or Race: Cauc.
5. Birthplace: California
6.  Date of Birth: Nov. 2, 1891
7.  Age:  85
8. Name and Birthplace of Father: Henry A. Carringer - Kansas
9.  Maiden Name and Birthplace of Mother:  Della Smith - Kansas
10. Citizen of What Country:  USA
11.  Social Security Number: 553-10-9373
12.  Married, Never Married, Widowed, Divorced - Specify:  Married
13.  Name of Surviving Spouse: Emily Auble
14.  Last Occupation:  Accountant
15.  Number of Years in this Occupation:  54
16.  Name of Last Employing company or Firm: Marston Co.
17.  Kind of Industry or Business: Retail sales
18a.  Place of Death:  Knollwood West Conv.
18b.  Street Address:  7944 Birmingham Drive  
18c.  Inside City Corporate Limits?: Yes
18d.  City or Town:  San Diego
18e.  County:  San Diego
18f.  Length of Stay in County of Death:  85 years
18g.  Length of Stay in California:  85 years
19a.  Usual Residence:  825 Harbor View Place
19b.  Inside City Corporate Limits?:  Yes
19c.  City or Town:  San Diego
19d.  County:  San Diego
19e.  State:  California
20.  Name and Mailing Address of Informant:  Emily Carringer, 825 Harbor view Place, San Diego, California
21a.  Coroner:  [blank]
21b.  Physician [attendance]:  From 5-18-71 To 11-5-76, last seen 11-4-76
21c.  Physician or Coroner   J.W. Thomas M.D.
21d.  Date Signed:  11-9-76
21e.  Address:  3025 Canon St., San Diego, Calif.
21f.  Physician's California License Number:  00A078730
22a.  Specify Burial Entombment or Cremation:  Cremation
22b.  Date:  11/12/76
23.  Name of Cemetery or Crematory:  Cypress View Crematory
24.  Embalmer Signature and License Number:  M??? Smith  6382
25.  Name of Funeral Director:  Cypress View Mortuary
26.  Was Death Reported to Coroner?:  Yes
27.  Local Registrar Signature:  John R. Philip M.D.
28.  Date Received For Registration by Local Registrar:  Nov 12 1976
29.  Part I: Death Was Caused By:  Immediate Cause:  (A) Pulmonary Edema & Cardia Failure
                                                    To, or as a Consequence of: (B) Metastatsis
                                                    To, or as a Consequence of:  (C) Inoperable Circinoma Recto Sigmoid
30.  Part II: Other Significant Conditions:  [blank]
31.  Was Operation or Biopsy Performed...:  Bio. 8/6/76
32a.  Autopsy?:  No
32b.  If Yes, were findings considered?:  [blank]
33.  Specify Accident, Suicide or Homicide:  [blank]
34.  Place of Injury: [blank]
35.  Injury at Work: [blank]
36a.  Date of Injury: [blank]
36b. Hour: [blank]
37a.  Place of Injury: [blank]
37b. Distance of Place of Injury to Usual Residence: [blank]
38.  Were Laboratory Tests done for drugs or toxic chemicals?: [blank]
39.  Were Laboratory Tests done for alcohol?: [blank]
40.  Describe How Injury Occurred: [blank]

In the left margin, written vertically:

This is to certify that, if bearing the Official Seal of the County of San Diego Department of Public Health, this is a true and correct copy of the original document filed.  Fee paid $2.00
John R. Philip M.D
County of San Diego Department of Public Health
1600 Pacific Hwy., San Diego, CA 92101
Dated: Nov 18, 1976

The source citation for this death certificate is (using the Evidence Explained template for a Death Certificate, local level):

Lyle Lawrence Carringer certificate of death, Local Registration District 8009 (San Diego), Local Certificate No. 10246 (1976), County of San Diego Department of Public Health, San Diego, California.

The only errors I see on this form are the birthplaces of Lyle's parents - Henry was born in Pennsylvania and Della was born in Wisconsin.  

As a result of this death certificate, I now know the cause of death, the contributing conditions, the date of the cancer biopsy, the physician's name, and the disposition of his body.

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