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Amanuensis Monday - Probate Records of Bridget (--?--) (Verry) Giles (1600-1680) of Salem, Massachusetts

Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme called Amanuensis Monday. What does "amanuensis" mean? John offers this definition:

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

The subject today is the probate records of Bridget (----) (Verry) Giles (1600-1680) of  Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.  She married (1) about 1622 to Thomas Verry (1600-1631) and they had five children:

*  Samuel Verry (1622-1684), married 1655 Alice Woodis (1620-1683)
*  Thomas Verry (1625-????) married 1650 Hannah Giles
*  Bridget Verry (1627-1632)
*  Francis Verry (1629-????)
*  Temperance Verry (1631-1631)

Bridget married (2) about 1635 Edward Giles (about 1600-before 1669), and they had five children:

*  Mary Giles (1635-????). married 1660 Thomas Cutler (1633-1683)
*  Mehitable Giles (1637-1687), married (1) 1659 John Collins (1631-1677), and (2) 1678 Jeremiah Butman (1631-1694)
*  Remember Giles (1639-????), married 1659 Henry Moses.
*  Eleazer Giles (1640-1726), married (1) 1665 Sarah More; married (2) Elizabeth Bishop (1652-1733)
*  John Giles (1645-????)

Bridget Giles died testate, having written her will on 14 January 1668/9, which was proved on 30 November 1680.  It reads (transcribed by Randy Seaver from Essex County Probate Records, Book 3, Pages 398-9, accessed on Volumes 301-303 Books 1-3, 1671-1694, FHL Microfilm 0,860,485) with paragraphs added for better clarity:

"The Last Will and testament of Bregett Giles of Salem, Widow I being weake of Bodie but well in My understandinge Doe dispose of that Estate the Lord hath Left me in Maner and forme as followeth  

Imprimus I give to my son Samuel Very twentie Shillings.  
It.  I give unto my son Thomas Very twentie Shillings.  
It I give unto Mary Cutler of Redinge the wife of Thomas Cutler fortie Shillings  
It I give unto Briegett Very the daughter of my Son Thomas Very a Cowe to be due to her when she shall be Eighteene years of age or at the tyme of her Mariage].  
It I give unto my Son Eliazer Giles one ten Aker Lott which somtime belonge to Goodman Addams of Nuberie of whom my husbond bought it & I Give unto him all My Meadow on both sides the Brooke to begin at the stump that doth part his Uplande and Mine & from that stump to Run over the Brooke to the Bound tree of the ten aker Lott above Menshoned Al my Meadoe be lowe that line I Give to him provided & my will is that he pay unto Mary Cutler that fortie shillings I have given her in this My Will

 and for the Remainder of My estate howsing land Meadow ground Cattle householde stuffe & what ever elce Doth any way belong or Apertaine unto me I Doe give & bequeathe unto My son John Geiles home I ordaine & apoynt My sole executor of this my Last Will and testament and in Witnes thereof I have here Unto set my hande and seale this fourteenth of the 11th Month 1668."

The witnesses were John Browne and James Browne.  The will was proved in Salem Court by Mr. Henry Bartholomew on 30 November 1680.

Bridget (--?--) (Verry) Giles lists five of her children and one grandchild in this will:

*  Her son, Samuel Verry
*  Her son, Thomas Verry, and Bridget Verry, the daughter of Thomas Verry.
*  Her daughter, Mary Cutler, wife of Thomas Cutler
*  Her son, Eliazer Giles
*  Her son, John Giles

I descend through the daughter, Mary (Giles) Cutler (1633-1683) of Reading, Massachusetts.

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Barbara P. said...

In your post you say Bridget was born 1699 & died 1680, how can this be? Did you mean to say 1600?

Unknown said...

In her Will she states she is a 'widow', therefore Mr. Giles had already died-no by 1680 when it was read. Also, you have a child of Bridget and Giles born in 1629-then not of Mr Giles!

Randy Seaver said...

Thank you both for pointing out the inconsistencies between what I typed and what it should be...I've corrected the post to reflect the realities.

Glad to see that someone reads these posts with a discerning eye...