Thursday, May 8, 2014

Responses to "Where Should I Look to Find Relatively Close Cousins?"

I've had several excellent responses to my blog post Where Should I Look to Find Relatively Close Cousins? from Monday, 5 May 2014.

From comments on the blog post:

1)  stonefamilytree offered:  "Try using the descendant list on WikiTree to see who else has linked to your ancestors, and then contact those profile managers."

2)  Geolover suggested:  "An offshoot of your No. 1 -- has there been someone with contact information currently making entries who can be contacted via individuals' "Latest Changes" sections on their individual pages?"

3)  Keith Riggle listed:  "You've hit the major ones but here are a few more:
1. Facebook family and locality groups
2. Surname forums and listservs
3. Lots of lesser know family tree sites like Tribal Pages (hit & miss like Ancestry et al.)
6. Newspaper obituaries often list surviving family members

4)  bgwiehle noted: "You didn't mention how you would track these real and potential connections. One of my custom events is a "Research Link", which documents, in my genealogy database, someone who is researching a particular line. The format is: relationship to the person in my database, real name and/or user name and the site at which their research is referenced. The notes add more detail, which may include a variety of information and comments and assessments."

Thank you all, those are great suggestions.  

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