Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday's Tip - Use the GenealogyBlog Lists to Find FamilySearch Records by Category and State

This week's Tuesday's Tip is to use the Lists on the GenealogyBlog.com website to find FamilySearch records by category.

The www.GenealogyBlog.com website looks like this:

The blog post FamilySearch.org's United States and Canadian Vital Records Database Lists - Updated to 14 July 2014 has links to five different lists:

1)  The United States Birth and Chrsitening Records at FamilySearch.org:

2)  The United States Marriage Documents and Divorce Records at FamilySearch.org.

3)  The United States Death and Probate Documents and Indexes at FamilySearch.org.

4)  The United States Territorial and School Censuses and Tax Records at FamilySearch.org:

5)  Canadian Vital Records Databases at FamilySearch.org.

These lists are very easy to do - pick your list, then pick which state you want to investigate, then pick the collection name of interest for that state, and you are at the record collection you chose.

Some record collections are indexed, and some of the indexed collections have record images.  Other record collections are "browse images only" where the user has to go through the images, using waypoints (like counties, or years, or alphabetical names, etc.) and then find the image - it's like "digital microfilm."

I have found these lists to be very useful.  I appreciate that Leland Meitzler and his staff keep them updated.

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