Monday, July 14, 2014

Review: "Tracing Your World War I Military Ancestors" Special Magazine

While at the SCGS Genealogy Jamobree in Burbank, I visited the Moorshead Publishing (Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle and History Magazine) exhibit.  Ed and Rick are great genealogy friends, and recently gifted me with a PDF copy of one of their excellent special magazines - Tracing Your WW1 Military Ancestors.

The publicity for this magazine says:

"As family history researchers, we are entering an exciting time. It has now been one hundred years since the outbreak of the the Great War, and the focus for many of us is to discover, and give life, to our ancestors who fought and gave so much in the service of their respective countries. Compared to just a few short years ago, the task of researching the military service files for the soldiers and volunteers who made up the fighting forces in WW1 has become much easier. Our purpose with this latest edition in our Tracing Your Ancestors series is intended to help you  discover what is available through the vast internet-based resources, various national archives and other repositories, and how to gain access to that information. The nations we are covering include Australia and New Zealand, Italy and Austria, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. To that end, we have enlisted the expertise from five excellent contributors."

The Table of Contents for this 84 page special magazine is:

*  page 6 - Australia and New Zealand in WW1, by Gabrielle Morgan

*  page 10 - Tracing WW1 Military Ancestors from Trento-Alto Adige, Italy, by Mary M. Tedesco
*  page 17 - U.S. National Archives' WW1 Military Service Files, by David A. Norris
*  page 19 - U.S. Draft Registration Cards, by David A. Norris
*  page 23 - U.S. Army Records: The Doughboys of 1917-1918, by David A. Norris

*  page 29 - Records of the U.S. Marine Corps, by David A. Norris
*  page 31 - U.S. Navy & Coast Guard Records, by David A. Norris
*  page 34 - "Knights of the Air" by David A. Norris
*  page 36 - Cemetery Records for Americans in the Great War, by David A. Norris
*  page 42 - Canada at War, 1914-1918, by Glenn Wright

*  page 46 - Canadian Service in the Great Wart, by Glenn Wright
*  page 62 - Researching Canada's War Dead, by Glenn Wright
*  page 68 - Royal Canadian Navy, by Glenn Wright
*  page 70 - Canadians in the Air War, by Glenn Wright
*  page 72 - United Kingdom Records, by Alan Stewart

Each of these articles discusses the topic in general and specific terms, and often provide lists of  online or repository records with very useful information.  

The Tracing Your WW1 Military Ancestors special magazine can be ordered here for $9.95 (US) plus $4.50 shipping (PDF download is $8.50 (U.S.)).  Other magazines and books can be ordered through their Book Store.

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Disclosure:  I was provided a copy of this special magazine but was not asked to publicize it.  The gift does not affect my objective evaluation of this magazine.

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Unknown said...

Would you know why there is no mention of France? I find that hard to believe after the millions of French soldiers and civilians who died in that war and the countless villages that disappeared from the map. Thanks. Annick