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Review: Genealogy at a Glance - Scots-Irish Genealogy Research

The Genealogical Publishing Company in Baltimore has published another in its series of "Genealogy at a Glance" laminated research guides - this time for Scots-Irish Genealogy Research by Brian Mitchell.

This "Genealogy at a Glance" booklet has four laminated pages on one 11" x 17" paper (folded). It is designed to give the user the basic elements of genealogy research in the allotted space. They provide an overview of the facts a researcher needs to know in order to begin and proceed successfully with research in the subject.

The description of the Scots-Irish Genealogy Research booklet includes:

The term Scots-Irish refers to people who originated in Scotland and settled in the 17th century in Ireland in the nine northern counties of Ulster. Claiming economic hardship, 250,000 Scots-Irish immigrated to North America between 1717 and 1776, principally to the port of Philadelphia, then west into the Appalachian region where they became the intrepid woodsmen and pioneers of American legend. The important thing to take away here is that this guide is intended as an aid to researchers who are attempting to trace Irish ancestors who arrived in North America prior to 1800.  

Rounding out the guide there are lists of books for further reading, lists of online research sources, and a list of the major repositories with Scots-Irish material. The well-known Northern-Irish author, Brian Mitchell, also wrote the GAAG on Irish genealogy research, and is perhaps best known for his book A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland.

The booklet has these subjects:

*  Contents
*  Quick Facts 
*  What is Scots-Irish
*  Historical Background

*  18th Century Passenger Lists
*  Place of Origin
*  Family Names as Evidence
*  Record Sources

** Church Registers
**Census Substitutes
** Estate Records

*  Record Repositories

This booklet is designed primarily for the person who is not an expert, or has little experience, on finding Scots-Irish ancestors.  It provides guidance and excellent ideas to help researchers to find records for their Scots-Irish ancestors in Northern Ireland in published books, online resources, and in repositories and archives.

For someone like me that teaches and talks about genealogy a bit, it is invaluable because I can pull it out and provide some guidance to my student or colleague interested in the subject.

The beauty of these "Genealogy at a Glance" booklets is that they are very light and portable in a briefcase or laptop case. They are fixtures in my research case.

This four-page laminated booklet costs $8.95,  plus postage and handling. You can order it through the Genealogical Store, or use the link for the Scots-Irish Genealogy Research booklet and click on the "Add to Cart" link.  I recommend buying these at seminars and conferences where they are offered in order to avoid the shipping costs.

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Disclosure: contacted me recently and asked me to provide a review of this booklet. They mailed me a review copy for my personal use as remuneration for this review. 

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