Thursday, November 27, 2014

Book Review: Crash Course in Family History, 5th Edition, by Paul Larsen

Paul Larsen recently published a 5th Edition to his popular and beautiful genealogy book, Crash Course in Family History.  You can see pages from the 344 page book on the Preview page -

There is more information about the book contents on the book product page here.

The book uses font sizes, columns, text boxes, headers, photographs, cartoons, tables, and color very effectively. My first impression when I opened the book was "wow, this books invites me to read it - it is very attractive."

One of the most useful features of this book is the Jump-Start Chart (two screens below):

The Table of Contents pages are (two screens):

This page, from the first chapter in the book, is typical of the format and appearance of the book.  There is lots of color, lots of graphics, helpful hints, and many links to online web pages.

Here is the first page of the Step Two section:

A typical page in the text is this one:

If this book is of interest, please check out the Preview pages at

This book is ideal for researchers interested in online genealogy resources - there are hundreds of links to websites.  I learned a few things just browsing through the book this past week.  I have it on my PC and my laptop in PDF format.

It's Christmas gift-giving time - is this a book you want in your Christmas stocking, or want to give to another genealogy friend or colleague, or perhaps to your local genealogy library?

You can order the book on the Easy Family History website here.  It sells for $39.95 in hardback book format, and $33.95 in PDF format.  The PDF format, which can be read on PCs, Macs, iPad and other tablets, eReaders and smart phones..

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Disclosure:  Paul Larsen provided me with a PDF version of this book for the purposes of reviewing it.  My thanks to Paul for his offer.

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