Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First Look at RootsMagic 7 WebHints

I posted RootsMagic 7 is Now Available - with WebHints (FamilySearch and MyHeritage) last night and mentioned the new WenHints feature.

Note that you need to have a MyHeritage data subscription and a MyHeritage tree (and a tree subscription also if you have a large tree), and be registered with FamilySearch (free) in order to use the RootsMagic WebHints effectively.  You will have to be logged into the two sites in order to obtain the WebHints.

1)  The first thing I did was check the Help function in RootsMagic 7 to see what it says about WebHints.

2)  From the Pedigree, Family or Descendant View in RootsMagic 7, the WebHint "light bulb" is on the right side of the person's name.  Here is a Family View for one of my ancestors:

Do you see the "light bulb" to the right of the person names on the screen above?  That is the "WebHint" indicator.

3)  I clicked on the WebHint indicator for Frank Walton Seaver:

The WebHints screen shows me that there are 15 total Hints in Family Search;  of these, 5 are pending, 9 are already confirmed, and 1 is rejected.

4) I clicked on the "Pending" FamilySearch Hint number ("5"), and my browser opened the FamilySearch Family Tree page for Frank Walton Seaver, showing the Pending Record Hints:

I clicked on the first one, reviewed the information, and attached the record to Frank Walton Seaver.  I will do the remainder later.

5)  I closed the FamilySearch tab down, and back in RootsMagic, I closed the WebHints screen, and then opened it again to see:

As you can see, the "Confirmed" number for the FamilySearch profile has increased to 10.  But the "Pending" number stayed at 5 for some reason.

6)  On the screen above, I clicked on the MyHeritage "Pending" number link and my browser opened into my MyHeritage tree:

There were three Record Matches for Frank Walton Seaver on the MyHeritage screen above.  I reviewed and confirmed (with the check mark) all three of them.

7)  I closed the MyHeritage browser tab down, and closed the RootsMagic WebHint window, and then reopened the WebHints for Frank Walton Seaver:

The screen above shows that the 3 MyHeritage Record Matches are confirmed - in MyHeritage.

8)  Note that nothing has been added to my RootsMagic database (except the Light Bulbs).  No Events were added using these WebHints.  No source citations were created using these WebHints.  All that was changed was the number of Confirmed (or Rejected) Record Hints in FamilySearch Family Tree, and Confirmed (or Rejected) Record Matches in MyHeritage.

If the Record Hints in FamilySearch, or the Record Matches in MyHeritage, were new events for me, I could have captured a document image from the website, added an event to my RootsMagic database, created a source citation for the event (citing the appropriate website), and attached the downloaded Media item to the person and tagged it to the Event.

This is probably the most efficient way to add a Record Hint to the FamilySearch Family Tree, and a Record Match to my MyHeritage family tree.  I can go through my RootsMagic database one person at a time and add these Hints and Matches to the website trees rather than doing it within the website trees.

9)  Some potential issues:

*  I don't know why the FamilySearch "Pending" number did not reduce by one when I confirmed a Record Hint.

*  I don't know if I have to shut down the browser window in order to record the Confirm/Reject (I guess that I don't), but I think I do have to close the WebHints window in RootsMagic and then reopen it in order to see the changed Pending/Confirmed/Rejected Hint/Match count.

10)  I will look at other new features in RootsMagic in later posts.

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Geolover said...

FamilySearch has no way to record "rejected" hints. You can just cancel the review when checking for applicability. Does RootsMagic7 keep track?

The feature's not amending the RM7 database in accordance to hints accepted seems like a deficiency.

If you are a database subcriber to MyHeritage you should get a list of the existing hints without intervention of RM7.

But RM7 database listings of hints in FamilySearch Family Tree would be a boon. Does the program do this, or is this just a search by individual - which can be done just as well within the FS-FT program.

A summary of actual advantages would be helpful :)