Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Signs You Have Genealogy OCD

Hey genea-folks, 
it's Saturday Night again, 

 time for more Genealogy Fun!


Your mission this week, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music!) , is to:

1)  Read Michael John Neill's post 10 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD (come on, give Michael some link love) and the comments too (I know it's an old post, we did this in 2011 too!).

2)  Make up any number of sentences that will add to his list of signs that you have Genealogy OCD.  From one to many, no limit!  Be creative!!

3)  Share your ingenuity and humor with us in your own blog post, in Comments to this post, in comments to Michael's post, or in a comment on Google Plus or Facebook.

Here are some of mine:

*  You have every mobile device type (and in some cases, more than one), and every possible genealogy-related app, and they all need to be charged every night and updated regularly.

*  You show off your app on your smart phone to persons you meet in "real life."  You attach all the new green leaf Hints that show up on your mobile device too.

*  You work in your genealogy management program every day adding the source citations you should have added before you heard of Evidence Explained, plus the new green leaf Hints (on Ancestry) and Record Matches (on MyHeritage) and Record Hints (on FamilySearch).

*  You make an image of every document, paper or website that you search, and find, for your ancestors, and add it to the research log for that person.   

*  You contribute your family tree to every new online family tree system that comes along in hopes of finding cousins with family information.

*  Your family vacations consist of visiting cousins in distant places along with genealogical conferences, seminars and cruises.

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Janice Harshbarger said...

You dream about the ancestors you never met, and wonder what they would be wearing, eating, and doing if you could see them then.

Sierra said...

You are worried to admit the number of cemeteries you have actually visited - even to other genealogists.

Anonymous said...

You rather spend time looking into the lives of dead people than spending time with the Living. Regardless how great a time you had with your living relatives.

Julie said...

When you talk to others you talk the same lingo of the Revolution War time period or you say "I have study that place did you know blah blah blah happen there to such and such?" until you start to see the glazed look in their eyes.