Wednesday, April 29, 2015

HistoryLines Launch - Post 5: Saving or Printing Your Story

HistoryLines launched last week, and I have been reviewing the site, noting features and asking questions in these earlier posts:

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*  HistoryLines Launched This Week - Post 3: An English Story (14 April.2015)
*  HistoryLines Launched Last Week - Post 4: A Canadian/American Story (27 April 2015)

In one of the earlier posts, I noted that there was no apparent way to save or print the person's Story.  Subsequently, I was told in email that they were working on this feature, and then they told me that it was now possible to save as a PDF or print the Story.

Here is how that can be done:

1)  Here are the top two screens for the Georgianna Kemp story:

The red oval shows the "Save & Print" link to save the Story as a PDF or Print it out.

2)  Clicking on the "Save & Print" link, the program formats the PDF and creates a PDF file in 10 to 20 seconds, and it opens in the same window tab (two screens shown):

As you can see, the timeline is in a larger area, as is the map.  For some reason, the lower part of the map appears at the top of the second page (I think this is a glitch, and is probably easily fixed by the HistoryLines programmers).

3)  The PDF tools box appears at the bottom right of the screen (see the third screen above) when your mouse is rolled over it.  The page can be made full screen, zoomed in or out, saved as a PDF file or printed out.

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