Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Switching my 23andMe Family Tree to MyHeritage

I received an email recently telling me that I would no longer be able to edit my 23andMe family tree after May 1, unless I transferred it to MyHeritage.  Here is the content at the link provided in the email (https://www.23andme.com/family-tree/) (three screens shown):

I decided that I had better do this, since I may need to edit my family tree at some point.

1)  I clicked on the green "Start Now" button on the screen above, and saw the information about what was going to happen:

2)  I clicked on the green "Yes, grant access" button, and saw the MyHeritage screen to transfer the family tree file there:

I clicked the blue "Transfer now" button and the tree was transferred from 23andMe to MyHeritage.

3)  Almost immediately, I received this email from MyHeritage telling me that my tree was now on MyHeritage:

So now I have my 23andMe and a new MyHeritage account (not my current account) linked.  I was granted an exclusive benefit of unlimited tree size for six months.

After six months, I assume that I will have to pay to use or edit this MyHeritage tree.

4)  So what does it look like on MyHeritage?  Here is the home page on MyHeritage:

The tree is called "Seaver Family File (23andMe)"  From here, I assume that I will be able to see Record Match notices, but not search on MyHeritage databases with this free account.

Here's what the family tree looks like with me as the first tree person:

There are 2,141 persons in this family tree - all of my known ancestors back about 14 generations in 2011, when I submitted my GEDCOM file to 23andMe.

5)  I wonder if I can upload a new GEDCOM file to this account with all of my most recent ancestral families?  That would make the most sense because other 23andMe users with a MyHeritage tree may be able to find a Smart Match between their ancestor(s) and my tree person(s).

6)  I have noted that very few 23andMe matches of mine have a family tree on 23andMe.  I hope that more 23andMe users will avail themselves of the opportunity to add family tree information to a MyHeritage tree.  When they do, they may find that their grandparents and great-grandparents have an "Instant Discovery" that adds several more generations to their family tree.

7)  I don't know how 23andMe or MyHeritage is going to notify 23andMe users of a link to a common ancestor in someone else's tree.  I hope that 23andMe and/or MyHeritage will explain how this is going to occur.

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M. Diane Rogers said...

I don't think 23and Me has provided customers with enough information. I got the same e-mail, I think, Randy, but I don't have a tree at 23andMe. I do have a 'starter' tree at My Heritage where I am a subscriber. Not sure I see the benefits of my having lots of trees on-line.