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More HistoryLines Information - Post 6: Answers to Questions/Comments

I have posted a series of articles about HistoryLines over the past two weeks, including;

*  HistoryLines Launched This Week - Post 1: First Look (22 April 2015)
*  HistoryLines Launched This Week - Post 2: Custom Events (23 April 2015)
*  HistoryLines Launched This Week - Post 3: An English Story (14 April.2015)
*  HistoryLines Launched Last Week - Post 4: A Canadian/American Story (27 April 2015)
*  HistoryLines Launch - Post 5: Saving or Printing Your Story (29 April 2015)

In the previous posts, I have asked several questions about using HistoryLines, my readers have asked questions, and I have run into some problems.

Here are some of the responses from Jeff Haddon of HistoryLines, via email to me, about the comments and problems:

"I wanted to make sure you know that HistoryLines currently covers the following countries, with many more coming in the following weeks and months. We're adding countries in order of priority based on surveys of our users.
  • United States
  • Canada
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Denmark
  • Germany"
The HistoryLines site says:

"Stories are currently available in England, Ireland, Scotland,
Wales, United States, Denmark, and Germany, 1600 to 1950"


"Also, here are a few thoughts to address a couple of your questions from the first post.
  • We're working on a variety of ways to save and share the story. We're maybe a week or two away from enabling the ability to output the story to PDF. More to come thereafter.
  • It's possible to remove paragraphs and events from the story and timeline by clicking either the event in the timeline or the paragraph in the story, then clicking the blue Edit link. At the bottom of the resulting edit window is a light blue link that says "Hide this from the story".
  • We don't use Wikipedia as a source for any of our content. Another feature we're enabling in the next few weeks is a full bibliography of all the sources for the content shown in a specific story."

"If you add a relocation or migration event, the system will show the appropriate set of history based on the new location."

My thanks to Jeff for responding quickly to my posts.  

There are a number of user Tips that come via email about HistoryLines once a user registers.  I cannot find them on the HistoryLines website.  They are informational and useful.  

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