Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Maggie's 100th Birthday - Post 353 for (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

We interrupt the historical family photo series of posts for one that was taken yesterday.

This is our dear friend, Maggie Arveson, and we enjoyed celebrating her 100th birthday yesterday.  Her family (son Paul, his wife, their two daughters, and Maggie's two great-grandchildren) threw a 100th birthday party for her at the Chula Vista Masonic Lodge, where she and her deceased husband were members since they moved to Chula Vista over 49 years ago.  In addition to her Lodge friends, there were friends in attendance from her former neighborhood, her current residential facility, her church, and many of her volunteer and social organizations colleagues.

In addition to a fine dinner and beautiful birthday cake (yes, Maggie cut the first 10 pieces or so), Maggie received proclamations or congratulatory letters from the President, her senator, her representative,  and the Grand Lodge F&AM of California.  The Chula Vista City Council proclaimed 31 March 2015 to be "Maggie Arveson Day."

Paul put together a 30 minute slide show about her life, weaving in historical vignettes.  We watched this and were amazed by all of the life experiences and work that Maggie did during her lifetime, including working 48 years as a nurse.

To top it off, the Singing Seniors group from the Norman Park Senior Center (yes, Maggie volunteered there too!) entertained, and there were some dances to tunes from the 30s and 40s.

 Maggie loved it all - she danced, sang along, visited every table, hugged everybody, and had a grand time.

Maggie is a very spirited woman.  She just renewed her driver's license.  She was asked what her secret to life was, and she said "Love God, love people."  She lives this every day, and she is loved by everyone she meets.  What an inspiration!

This family made more family history last night ... and I think that her great-grandchildren will remember it for the rest of their lives.  What a family memory, and there will be photos and videos of it for them to share with their children and grandchildren about their great-grandmother.  

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