Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Not An April Fools Joke - I'm Related to Both David Cameron and Kim Kardashian

The MyHeritage Blog today posted that British Prime Minister David Cameron was a 13th cousin to Kim Kardashian, based on information on  That was interesting...

So I wondered, why not me?  Am I related to them too?  After all, even if I'm related to one of them, that doesn't mean that I'm related to both of them.

Here's what I found out:

1)  British Prime Minister and I are 12th Cousins twice removed, according to

 Our common ancestor is Sir John Talbot of Grafton (1485-1549).  My line goes back through Seaver to Smith to Dill to Brown to Knowles all in  Massachusetts, then in England through Willis to Talbot.  Cousin David's line goes back through Mount to 9 generations of Talbots.

2)  "Entertainer" Kim Kardashian is my 11th cousin once removed, according to

My line goes through my Seaver to Gates to Hubbard to Rice, all in Massachusetts.  cousin Kim's line goes back from her Jenner to Houghton to Mantor to Taylor to White to Sawyer to Rice, all in the USA.  Unfortunately, I guess I didn't get Kim's beauty gene - it may have been from the Kardashian side of her family.

3)  I doubt that cousin David or cousin Kim really care about this, but if they are interested in visiting their distant cousin in the San Diego area, the door is always open.  It may be that my daughters and grandchildren will be really interested in being Kim's cousin, so this may be useful in interesting them about their family history.  I keep trying!!

I can hardly wait for the next MyHeritage or Geni blog post about famous person relationships.  So far, I've found I'm related to most of them!  All but A.J. Jacobs, at least in recorded history.

Isn't genealogy fun???

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