Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MyHeritage iOS Mobile App Appears to be Updated

The last time I wrote about the MyHeritage Mobile App was in Technology Tuesday - MyHeritage Mobile App - Family Tree (posted 23 September 2014).  The screen views on the current MyHeritage Mobile App  webpage looks about the same as back in September.

1)  I updated the MyHeritage Mobile App on my iPhone recently, and looked through it, and noted that the screens look different.  After logging in, the opening screen looked like:

The three main sections of the app are:

*  Family Tree - build your family tree
*  Family Photos - View and share family photos
*  Research - Search billions of records

2)  I tapped on the "Family Tree" link and the tree opened showing the name of my tree at the top and five  generations of ancestors (shown in landscape below):

This is a different "look" than the pink and light blue on the current website and the previous MyHeritage mobile app.  I like this view much better - the contrast is great.

3)  To see information about an ancestor, I tapped on my great-grandfather, Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922):

The screen above has four links - for "Research," "Facts," "Photos" and "Relatives."  The "Facts" tab is shown on the screen above.

To edit a Fact, the user taps on the Fact.  Here is the Edit screen for the Birth fact:

I can add or edit information for the Fact by tapping on the fields on the screen above.

The "Photos" tab shows the images attached to the person.

The "Relatives" tab shows the list of relatives - parents, siblings, spouses, and children for the person:

3)  Back on the starting screen, I tapped on the "Family Photos" link and saw:

There are two sections on the "Family Photos" screen:

*  Family Crests
*  Family Tree Photos

I can add a photograph from my phone by tapping on the orange "+" icon.

I tapped on the "Family Tree Photos" link and saw thumbnails of all of the photographs I have attached to my MyHeritage tree:

4)  I will look at the "Research" link in a subsequent post.

5)  I haven't seen an announcement about this "new look" of the MyHeritage iOS Mobile app.  Maybe it's in the works and I stumbled across it before MyHeritage could post it.

I updated the MyHeritage mobile app on my Android tablet, and it looks similar to the previous iOS app and the app website.

I don't see any way to see Person or Research notes (other than the "Description" field in a Fact) or source citations for the Facts.  Maybe I'm wrong.

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