Monday, April 13, 2015

MyHeritage Adds "Discoveries" to Your Family Tree

It looks like MyHeritage has redesigned their screen a bit, with more icons, more dropdown menus and a larger menu font.  Here is a screenshot of the top of my MyHeritage site:

I clicked on the "Discoveries" tab above, and there are three items - Smart Matches, Record Matches, and Discoveries (New!).  I didn't see anything new on the other tabs, but I may have missed it.

I clicked on the "Discoveries" link and saw:

The screen above tells me that this Instant Discovery is for my ancestor John Underhill (1745-1816) and is in C. Scott's tree on MyHeritage.  But it also says that 0 people can be added to my tree. [The first time I went through this, it said 50 people.]

Scrolling down on the screen above, there are right and left arrows for other Instant Discoveries - here is my second one:

I had a total of four, but none of them would add any new profiles.

For my John Underhill, I clicked on the orange "View Discovery" button and saw a comparison between my tree person and the John Underhill in C. Scott's tree:

I didn't see that the other MyHeritage tree had anything I didn't have - it had the same birth information, death information, parents names, and siblings (I have two more), but did not have a spouse or children like mine did.

I would have clicked on the "Yes" button in the middle under the "Is this the same John Underhill?" but it is not active.  I also tried the orange "Adds one person" button and that didn't work either.  I could find no way to go to the other MyHeritage tree to see if that tree has better information (relationships, dates, places, sources, images, etc.) than I have.  Perhaps the other person clicked Yes before I tried to.  On another Discovery, I did click "Yes," accepted the combined person, and my tree person gained some information from the other person's tree.

MyHeritage introduced "Instant Discoveries" back in December - see my posts MyHeritage Blog in Introducing Instant Discoveries and Another Try at MyHeritage "Instant Discoveries" Feature - but that was targeted to new subscribers, the "man on the street."  

I'm happy to see that they are providing it for subscribers now.  This may be a very useful addition.  I wonder if MyHeritage will soon send me an email notice about these Instant Discoveries.  It will be interesting to see if it finds thousands at once or provides a small number each week or month.

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