Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yes, Grandchild, We are Related to Princess Charlotte!

I expect a telephone call sometime soon once my grandchildren (or maybe my daughters) wonder if they are related to Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, daughter of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge.

I added my line back to at least one of the ancestors of the present English Royal line to my RootsMagic database some time ago.  For this, I used Geni.com's database for the royal line and my own research back to the common ancestor, and connected my line to the Geni world family tree.

Here is a relationship chart (three screens) that shows my relationship to Princess Charlotte using RootsMagic to create the chart:

As you can see, Princess Charlotte is my 12th cousin once removed.  She is my daughter's 13th cousin, and is the 13th cousin once removed to my grandchildren.

Some readers may ask "have you proven every relationship in that chart?" and "can you show me your source citations?"  Well, I can show you my relationship conclusions and source citations for my line back to the common ancestor, and there are authoritative books that document Charlotte's royal ancestry from the common ancestor.

Are there errors in the Geni.com and WikiTree.com and FamilySearch Family Tree collaborative family trees?  No doubt, but I think that they have the "important" lines pretty much correct.

The purpose of this post isn't to brag about the relationship, but to provide information that might interest my daughters and grandchildren, and perhaps the children and grandchildren of my readers, to be curious about their own family history.  Plus, it's fun to mention things like this in conversations with friends and family.  With this information, I can email a chart quickly to any of my descendants to help them impress their friends and teachers.

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Anne Young said...

I really liked the chart you did showing the relationship :)

Unknown said...

Research is vital!

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Enno Borgsteede said...

Anne, the chart comes from RootsMagic. You need the registered version for that.

Charles, Prince of Wales, and Randy are both 14th cousins to me, making Charlotte 14th twice removed.