Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Which Person in My Tree Has the Most MyHeritage Record Matches?

I was pondering the list of 68,134 Record Matches on my MyHeritage family tree recently, and wondered which of the 39,991 person profiles has the most Record Matches.

1)  On the Record Match page, I was able to choose the "By People" tab, rather than the "By Collections" tab, and then picked the "Number of matches" from the dropdown list on the top right of the list:

Number one on my list was Elizabeth Parkhurst (1628-????), who married Emmanuel Hilliard, and resided in New England.  She has 294 matches.  Wow.  I figured there would be "a couple of online family tree profiles, and a bunch of records."

Not exactly...

2)  The first match was for a profile in the Geni World Family Tree:

The second and third matches were to profiles in the WikiTree online tree.

The fourth through the 294th matches were to different profiles in the FamilySearch Family Tree!  Here is the end of the list - matches 293 and 294:

There were no birth/baptism records, no marriage records, and no death records on this list of matches.  No real "Record Matches" at all.

3)  I was surprised by the number of FamilySearch Family Tree matches.  That is, of course, not a problem with MyHeritage - but it is the major problem on the FamilySearch Family Tree, and needs to be fixed in order to make the FamilySearch Family Tree accurate and useful.

This is common for many of the person profiles in my MyHeritage tree. But Elizabeth Parkhurst has the most.

4)  The MyHeritage Record Matches is by far the easiest way to "enrich" person profiles in your old database with new content and sources.  I love it!

One thing I would really appreciate on MyHeritage is to be able to eliminate a specific Record Collection from the Record Match list so that I could find the actual record matches for a person.  A check box that says "Family Trees" in the "Filtering Options" list would accomplish that desire, at least for the trees.  There is already check boxes for "Structured" and "Text" Record Types:

5)  I've been working through some of the Record Matches in the 122 Record Collections on MyHeritage with matches in my MyHeritage tree using the "By Collection" option.  This is a very efficient way to add names, dates, places, events and sources to my MyHeritage tree and to my RootsMagic database (I have to do that by typing the information in - there is no automatic addition or synchronization yet).  Yesterday I added 113 records and source citations to my MyHeritage tree from about ten different record collections.  I also added several hundred sources to my RootsMagic database.  That took about 3 hours to do, but it was worth it.  It was a good genealogy day!

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