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Ron Arons is Featured Speaker at SDGS Program Meeting on Saturday, 8 August

The next San Diego Genealogical Society program meeting is Saturday, 8 August 2015, at 10 a.m. at St. Andrews Lutheran Church (8350 Lake Murray Blvd, just south of Jackson Drive in San Diego).

Ron Arons is the program speaker, on:

*  Understanding Our Families, Understanding Ourselves

*  What's In a Name?  Trouble!

Ron's Curriculum Vitae:

Born in New York, Ron Arons was reared a goodie-two-shoes. Aside from five moving violations (including a “California” roll through a stop sign, doing 40 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, and driving with his brights on), Arons has never been afoul of the law. 

Ron worked for many years as a marketer at many high-tech companies, including Texas Instruments, Ashton-Tate, and Sybase, before deciding to work full time on his first book, The Jews of Sing Sing. Ron became interested in understanding his roots after he lost both his parents to cancer 16-18 years ago. In the process of researching his criminal ancestor’s past, Ron has traced his roots to England, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania. 

In 2005 Ron won a Hackman Research Residency Award from the New York State Archives to continue his research of New York Jewish criminals. In January 2008, Ron appeared on the PBS television series, The Jewish Americans, as the acknowledged expert on Jewish criminals of New York’s Lower East Side. 

Arons tours the country giving educational and entertaining presentations on Jewish criminals and Jewish genealogy. Ron earned a B.S. in Engineering from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. 

Understanding Our Families, Understanding Ourselves 

For more than 40 years, people in the mental health and social services have used “family systems theory” to analyze family dynamics through multiple generations. Unfortunately, most genealogists don’t know much about family therapy. Conversely, those in the mental health and social services fields know very little about genealogical research. Yet genealogy and family therapy go hand in hand. In this talk I will introduce basic concepts of family systems theory. I will also show how families can be represented a different way, using ‘genograms’ (social workers, family therapists, and psychologists use these ‘family diagrams’ every day to understand family dynamics in the family). 

What’s in a Name? Trouble! 

Ron will use the Genealogical Proof Standard to show how identities can be merged and separated. In this example, five individuals, all with the same name, all born in the same general timeframe, and all living in the same place where one of the individuals lived or claimed to live, all found trouble, either in business or with women. Is this possible? If so, how? It defies probability and statistics. A fun set of stories about multiple unrelated men who just happened to share the same name and fate (trouble). A great demonstration of the Genealogical Proof Standard in action. 

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