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Watch Gilad Japhet's Keynote Presentation at IAJGS 2015 Conference - Genea-Magic!

Gilad Japhet, the founder and CEO of MyHeritage, gave the keynote address at the IAJGS 2015 Conference in Tel Aviv on 8 July 2015.  The MyHeritage blog post, titled Discovering Your Family History: 7 Unique Technologies, includes the 49 minute video on Gilad's presentation about the unique technologies that MyHeritage has introduced since 2012.

The video is on YouTube at

Gilad discusses each of the seven unique technologies in turn:

The seven listed technologies include:

1)  Smart Matching - matching persons in my MyHeritage tree with persons in other MyHeritage trees.

2)  Record Matching - finding records of events for persons in my MyHeritage Tree.  These can be listed by record collection or by person.  Gilad claims a 97.4% accuracy rate!

3)  Newspaper Matching - finding newspaper articles for persons in my MyHeritage tree.

4)  Record Detective - one Record Match can be used to find other records for the person in my MyHeritage tree.

5)  Instant Discoveries - can add a whole branch, up to 50 people in two clicks, to my MyHeritage tree based on information from other MyHeritage trees.

6)  SearchConnect - MyHeritage saves non-anonymous searches, and can tell you who else made a similar search so that you can collaborate with each other.  This is the newest technology, and was supposed to be released at the end of August 2015.

7)  Global Name Translation - translates any first or last name from one language to another language.  Currently, it translates Latin-based languages, Russian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Greek records or tree matches.  Search in whatever language you want - it will find records in other languages.  This is especially useful for Eastern Europe and Jewish research.

I have watched, and written about, each of these technologies as they were developed and presented at conferences, and have worked with them.

I have high hopes that Gilad and his MyHeritage team will continue to develop technologies that help me and other genealogy researchers find records of our ancestral families more easily - while we sleep, without even requesting a search.  These technologies are genea-magic as far as I'm concerned.

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IsraelP said...

I thought the keynote speaker was former Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau.

Randy Seaver said...

Israel, it may have been - the MyHeritage blog said Gilad was the Keynote speaker on 8 July 2015. They may be wrong...

mbm1311 said...

Hi Randy,

Thanks for calling this presentation to our attention. I hope this is the future with other competitors too. Do have any idea on the size of their newspaper collection? I am the reader with the list of 550 obituaries (not counting any non US obits - wasn't even going to go there!) I know there are so many other reasons but this is at the top of my 2015 - 2016 to do list. Also it sounds like they look through family search for clues? That would be amazing too?

Randy Seaver said...

MyHeritage accesses the NewspaperARCHIVE database for their newspaper coverage, at least for the USA. I don't know if they access other newspaper collections.