Friday, November 27, 2015

San Diego Colony of Society of Mayflower Descendants on the Front Page

I was pleased and surprised on Thanksgiving morning when I read the front page of the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper - an article about the San Diego Colony of the Society of Mayflower Descendants was the dominant article at the top of the page (see

My friends, Gail and Ray Raser, were in Pilgrim costume in the photograph.  Ray is holding his replica model of the Mayflower.

The article says that "Hundreds of county resident claim to be descendants of Mayflower's passengers," and notes that while there are 30 million Americans who are descended, only 29,000 are members of the Society, including about 300 in San Diego.

Gail Raser is the current Governor, and Ray is a past Governor, of the San Diego Colony.  Ray's comment also made the front page, saying "It makes Thanksgiving more than just a fancy turkey dinner.  It becomes a history you can be part of."

The articles relates the history of the Pilgrims, the Mayflower, and describes the process required to join the Society by proving relationships for every generation with documents.

I'm sure that Gail and Ray will receive many copies of the newspaper this weekend.

While I have at least seven surname lines from the Mayflower, I don't have all of the proof needed (as I understand it) to document adequately any of the lines.

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Michigan Girl said...

That's my next goal Randy. To try and find any Mayflower connections. However, with so many brick walls in my direct line it could be very difficult. I made my first goal of joining the DAR back in 2012. Now if I can just get into the Mayflower Society, I would be very happy.